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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Right Stuff

I STILL have not finished the new blog, but it is coming! I promise! I want to tell you all about my favorite product ever! This stuff is the coolest stuff I have ever used!

What is it? It's called Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate! It's all natural, non toxic and it totally works. Plus, it is cheap! It is concentrated so you use a tiny amount....seriously, a little goes a long way! You may be saying to yourself, "well I use vinegar....that's safe and cheap" and true, it is, but Basic H is cheaper and it's organic. Vinegar is not organic and is very acidic...which can be very harmful to your pipes and finishes (but that's for a different post).

All I know is....this stuff has the right stuff....that's right, old school NKOTB, ya know you wanna watch.

You're welcome.

It is a concentrate so you add your own water. (This helps keep the cost down and uses less bottles.)

1 bottle of Basic H2equals the cleaning uses of....wait for it....

5,824 bottles of 26 oz. Windex.

For real!

I use with Get Clean Spray Bottles...they are so cute!
Basic H2 is all you need for thousands of household jobs

  • Ultra concentrated – 16 ounces makes up to 48 gallons of super powerful cleaner when mixed with water.
  • Versatile and powerful cleaner – removes dirt, grease, and grime from any washable surface, inside and out. Dilute according to directions.
  • No rinse, no residue, streak-free formula.
Use on any washable surface – indoors or out

  • Walls, Windows and Mirrors, Countertops, Floors, Appliances, Stoves, Sealed Woodwork, Pots and Pans, Furniture
Clean Credentials

  • Nontoxic
  • Natural
  • Doubly concentrated
  • Biodegradable Surfactants
For all-purpose cleaning:
Add 1/4 tsp. to 16 oz. of water.

For windows and mirrors:
Add 1-2 drops to 16 oz. of water. (ONLY DROPS

For degreasing:
Add 1 1/2 tsp. to 16 oz. of water. For bigger jobs, add 2 oz. to 1 gallon of water.



General Cleaning: Use ½ teaspoon to quart of warm water. It cleans kitchen doors, woodwork, walls, ceilings, etc.

Appliances and Bathroom Fixtures: Use ¼ teaspoon to pint of water. It leaves refrigerators odor-free and sanitary. Great for bathroom tile!

Windows, Mirrors, All Glass: Use 1 – 2 drops in 4oz spray bottle. Wipe dry with paper towel. Do not use a lot of Basic-H or glass will smear.

Dishes: Use ½ teaspoon in the dishpan. Fill dirty pans with water, add ½ teaspoon Basic-H2 and let stand to loosen stuck particles.

Automatic Dishwashers: Use Shaklee Dishwasher Concentrate.

Floors: Use 1 tablespoon to a gallon of cold water, wring mop and wipe up dirt. Leaves floor shining. I also add a few drops of lemongrass essential oil to the water for the yummy smell!

Dusting: Squeeze sponge out of solution of ¼ teaspoon to pint of water. With almost dry sponge, wipe of dust, fingerprints, candy spots, etc. Or use spray bottle and clean cloth. Everything disappears from furniture, leaving wax finish beautifully bright and non-magnetic, making it unnecessary to dust as often.

Woolens, Silks, Nylons, All Fine Fabrics: Use ½ teaspoon to basin of water. For spots, apply a drop or two directly on the spot and press in with thumb. Immerse garment in cold water solution of 1 teaspoon per gallon of water, let stand a few minutes, then rinse by squeezing water through and laying out to dry.

Spot Remover: Apply Basic-H2 directly on spotted area. Use a toothbrush or finger to rub Basic-H2 into area. Wipe off with damp cloth or rinse in basin of water (Coffee, lipstick, ink, grass, etc).

Frying Vats: Use ½ cup to 3 gallons of water. Boil for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. It dissipates stubborn crusts without damage to vats.

Concrete and Mortar Mix: Use ½ oz. to a gallon of water. Makes cement and mortar spread easier and smoother, set harder.

Knives: Use a few drops on cutting stone for sharpening knives. Keep moist and add as needed. Doesn’t clog stone, which is very important in sharpening tools. Stone rinses free of residue.

Wallpaper: Excellent in removing wallpaper.

Diapers: Use ¼ teaspoon of Basic-H2 and 1 teaspoon of Basic-G to pail of water. It eliminates odors in the washroom when diapers must stand.

Fish Odors: Use ½ tablespoon per quart of water. Basic-H2 cleaning solutions work wonders around boats, docks and other “fishy” places.

Boat Algae: Use ½ tablespoon to gallon of water.

Spray Snow or Poster Paint on Windows: Remove it with ¼ teaspoon to quart of warm water.


Cleaning Hands: Put a few drops in palm. Rub thoroughly over both hands and add a little water. Continue with usual washing action. Add a touch more water as needed and rinse. Removes tobacco stains, onion and garlic odors. Variation – mix ¼ Basic-H2 and ½ water in a 4 oz squeeze bottle.

Gum: Use full strength to remove gum from skin or carpeting.

Shoe Cleaner: Use 1 drops on a wet cloth. It will not remove wax. Shine with dry cloth.


Washing: Use ½ tablespoon to gallon of water. Wash small area at a time, and hose off. Wiping dry is not necessary. Wipe windshield, windows and chrome with paper towels after rinsing. Bugs and road grime float away.

Engines: Use ½ oz to one gallon water to clean engine. It will not affect paint, gaskets or insulating material. Best results can be achieved when the engine is hot for fastest drying of the ignition system.

Battery Terminals: Use ¼ teaspoon to pint of water. Spray on battery terminals, let soak for 2 minutes and clean with wire brush. Use full strength Basic-h on battery terminals to avoid corrosion or galvanic action.


Air Filters : Use ¼ teaspoon to quart of warm water. Air filters are cleaned with excellent results, leaving them free of dirt, oil, or chemical residue.

House Plants: Use a few drops in water. Water plants and they will flourish. Use to wipe down leaves also.

Outside Windows: Use ½ teaspoon to “ortho-type” bottle applicator full of water. This should let 2 gallons of water through applicator to spray on windows and screens.

Humidifiers: Use 1 or 2 drops in water to help prevent rust and scum.

Water Soluble Gum Tape: Use 2 to 3 drops in a 16 oz spray bottle, or tape dispenser with water tank.


Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Fill toilet tank dispenser with Basic-H2. Place in toilet tank. It will automatically release a measured amount of Basic-H2 when you flush, to keep toilet bowl clean for months.

Ironing: A few drops in steam iron will keep the jets and interior clean.

Plumbing: Will keep pipes open and clean when used regularly. It emulsifies grease and can eliminate cleaning of grease traps.

Basic-G will deodorize bathroom areas, garbage cans and other areas where bacterial growth can cause unpleasant odors. Basic-G is concentrated for economy.


  • Basic-H2 is the most economical cleaner you can buy. One quart makes 192 gallons of cleaning solution by following directions.
  • Do Not Use More Than Recommended. A little goes a long way! Save $$!
  • Basic-H2 contains no acids, no alkalis, no kerosene or solvent, and has no offensive or detergent odor.
  • Basic-H2 has pH factor of 6.5, right in the range of human skin.
  • Basic-H2 makes water many times wetter.
  • Basic-H2 is a fantastically versatile cleaner. The successor is soap!
  • Basic-H2 does not hinder bacterial action of septic tanks or cesspools.
  • DO NOT put fingers or foreign matter into Basic-H2 container. Large amounts of bacteria can cause degrading action and weaken your cleaner.
  • In extremely stubborn areas of grease or stains, useShaklee’s Scour Off scouring cleaner.

This stuff is amazing! It's even cheaper than dollar store cleaners!


And by the is something else that makes Shaklee the bomb diggity



So there ya have it! My favorite cleaner! I have my bottle of Basic H since May and have not even used half! LOVE! If you are interested....please email me at anewnormal(dot)nicole{at}gmail(dot) com to find out the specials or follow me on Facebook and send me a message!

You can also just go here and shop til ya drop!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Field Trip Fun!

Our first field trip is behind us. Last Thursday, Delaney's preschool went to Apple Annie's, a pumpkin patch in Willcox, Arizona (about an hour or so drive). No transportation was provided so we all drove ourselves down there, but I was good with that, because that meant I got to drive my new mini van....that's killer mini van in da house!

Brody was allowed to come with us on this trip, which made me both happy and nervous. I can do the pumpkin patch, no problem, with Eric. By myself, that's a whole different story. Luckily, I have a couple awesome friends that promised me they would have my back if Brody took off. That boy is fast! I'm serious, one minute he's right there and the next he is gone- like Dash in The Incredibles. I knew I was in a for an exhausting day!

Once we arrived, we did the whole bathroom stop and then took a few minutes for a photo op. I love these pictures. Delaney has made some good friends in her class and their moms are amazing, so that makes it even better. Plus, they include Brody in on the action which makes my heart happy.

Delaney's teachers, who are awesome by the way, had us make our way over to the covered area to listen to a lady (who had no clue how to talk to preschoolers) for about 10 minutes. Brody was not feelin it. He was so he left the area, which was probably the best, because he voiced his displeasure quite loudly. When the lady was done talking, she handed me a sheet of paper with questions on it. The answers to the questions were the directions on how to maneuver our way out of the corn maze. Yeah, I was not so much listening and then realized what a bad idea that turned out to be. Luckily, I passed the questionnaire off to Natalia and we found out our way out.

Totally glazed over at this point....

Next up was the hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. Brody loves the tractor and I love watching him! Once we reached the pumpkin patch, he was gone. He just got right off the trailer and went on a mission for the great pumpkin. Delaney stuck by me for a bit and once we found our pumpkins, I was missing Eric pretty badly. Carrying two pumpkins and dragging two children back to the trailer was work, but I did it!

After the ride, we had some lunch, took a couple more pictures and had a potty break before we made the drive home.

All In all, very successful first field trip. I love that I work from home and get to go on these with the kids.


Join me on Facebook! can work from home too, if you want more information about working with me, in your comfy clothes, please email me!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

FRIENDS lives on.....

So I have these friends. These friends that have been my friends for a long time. They are awesome. We have a blast together and recently my little sister joined our crew, which is super duper. When they are on break (teachers in a year round district) we always get together and do something fun...usually with kids. On one of our mega play dates, we discussed getting together and watching FRIENDS episodes (we miss the show mucho). I had an idea of a FRIENDS themed dinner party, they all said go for it, so we nailed down a date and I got started with the planning.

For dinner, we had Monica's lasagna (although looking back, pizza would have been way faster....ya know, pizza for Joey), garlic bread and salad. For dessert, we had cookies (The One With Phoebes Cookies), mini trifles (The One Where Ross Got High) and cheesecake (The One With All The Cheesecakes).


For drinks, we had margaritas (the One Where Ross is Fine), wine and beer.



For decorations, I made a coffee filter garland, I used the DVDs from my super cool collectible series box, and used little pieces from my Scene It, Friends Edition game (don't judge).


In addition, I made each Friend a mug with their name on it. So easy to do! Just get a dollar store mug, write on it with Sharpie and then bake it at 350* for 25 minutes and it becomes permanent!


I made cards for a game, but we never got to'll see why in a minute.

About three days before, I found this picture on Pinterest, tagged my friends and said, "lets do this". Theyall agreed and then my little message thing came up and it was Ami, asking if we were going to wear our wedding dresses at our FRIENDS party.

At first, I thought she was joking, but then quickly realized how fun this would be..... Just like The One With All The Wedding Dresses. So we agreed. My sis and I went to our parents house to pick up the dresses and cautiously tried them on in the privacy of our own homes. I mean come on, I've had two kids....who knew if the dress was going to zip up? But, it did.....mostly. Eric came home and helped me finish zipping it the last inch or so....and it zipped. It zipped! And then, I exhaled and it unzipped about two inches, but I don't care...I was on, you couldn't see the majority of my butt, so I was good.

So there we were, in Anabelle's living room, all looking at our wedding dresses and laughing about what was about to go down. And go down it did....

Before I go any further, I want to point out that this is NOT Anabelle's wedding dress....she had hers all beautifully preserved and did not want to open it (imagine that). So she found one at Savers. She wanted to make sure you all knew that her wedding dress did not make her look like an electric eel (the polyester was quite bright). Okay, moving on......



Walking out of the bathroom, into the living room and seeing all of us say standing there in our dresses was hysterical. We decided to try out the jumping picture which was by far the funniest thing I have been a part of in forever! Turns out, I am not such a great jumper and every time I would jump, my zipper would come down a bit more. Plus the laughing made the zipper come down because it would be right when we were all quiet and then we'd hear zziiippp and yes, we all giggled like school girls because it sounded like I was farting.

I can't handle this picture. It is too funny. My sister (on the far right) is so funny!

See how Anabelle glows??

After our jumping pictures, we decided that maybe it was time to watch some FRIENDS. So yes, in our dresses, we sat on the couch with our beverages and watched TV.

I'm sorry, but I have some cool friends..... It was so fun!


Thanks Ami, for taking all the pictures! Love ya long time!



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