Friday, February 17, 2012

I mustache you to party.....

My little sis is preggers. She is due at the end of March with a little boy. The second we found out it was boy, I knew what kind of shower I wanted to throw. I told my mom I wanted a mustache theme and she was less than enthused. Then I found a "Little Man" baby shower theme and I knew I could get her on board. Bow ties, mustaches, neck ties and the color scheme of green and blue became our mission. We had the shower at my mom's house (thanks co-host:) and totally lucked out with the weather. Seriously, it was like 80 degrees and super sunny- three days later, SNOW, in Tucson. Craziness. Anyway, back to the shower. In my head, I throw a damn good party. Everything coordinates, every tiny detail is taken care of and I am in amazing shape with a killer outfit on (wait should I not end the sentence with "on"- oh well.) Of course the reality is much different.

Having two kids home all day with me, makes it a tad challenging to do a ton of prep work for such extravagant parties, so I picked a few of my favorites and went to town. I knew I wanted to make the Martha Stewart Pom Pom ball things- made out of tissue paper. I loved how they turned out! They were a bit time consuming and man is tissue paper fra-gee-lay but didn't matter. I knew the tree that I wanted them to hang with some fishing line, a ladder, and my daddy- balls were flying!
There they are! Green and blue balls!

My parents have a fantastic backyard so we decided to have the shower outside. Tables were set up with various centerpieces and we had the drinks out on the BBQ. This shower was also the big name reveal so we had signs everywhere with little Griffin's name on it.

The party scene.

The drink station... the straws all have mustaches on them:)

Inside, we had the grub. My mom makes a mean pasta salad and chicken salad. We also had a build your own pizza cookie bar (thank you Pinterest) which was fun. I didn't make a cake for the shower, instead I made a billion cupcakes with fun little cupcake toppers on them .

Da spread.


In addition, I made this little diaper motorcycle. Super easy to make thanks to Pinterest.

This was Delaney's first shower. The whole way there we discussed the fact that Baby Griffin will not be making his appearance at the shower, that he is 'still cookin'. And when she asked me how many showers Nana's house had, I realized she had no idea what going on.... love the innocence of that little girl. She was all over the place- playing, watching a show with Granddaddy, and helping her Aunt D open presents.

Our cousin, Julie, and my lil sis

There's baby Griffin

Delaney relaxing

Some party people

Hard at work at the "How well do you know children's literature" game.

We played some games, ate some yummy food and oooooed and awwwwed over all the baby stuff. My uterus may or may not have been pinging with envy. I know, I know- we are done, but still. *sigh*

Joe got Danielle a baby Tebow jersey for the little man....Delaney is playing with baby toys.

Everyone left with a chocolate mustache and I hope that each and everyone of them, held it up to their face before they ate it.... and looked at themselves in the mirror, with maybe an eyebrow raised, if you can do that sort of thing.

Baby daddy Joe came over after the crowd left and we presented him with his Daddy Doody Kit.....

Brody and Eric came at the end of the shower:)

All in all, it was a success.
Now we wait for little Griffin to make his debut into this crazy, loud, loving, wonderful family:)

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  1. I am so happy you 'talked me into' the Mustache cute and so fun! The shower was beautiful and you did a great job!

  2. Nicole, everything looks wonderful!! I'm so sad I missed it. The straw mustaches are great, but my favorite is the blue ball! :)

  3. Looks like it was a hit and perfect in every way!!

  4. This is such a cool party! I am hosting a MUSTACHE link party this week and I'd love for you to link this up. Here's the party link...


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