Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday 2012

Everyone that knows me, knows I love me some football. Unfortunately, Da Bears did not make it to the big game, but Eric's team, the Patriots, manned up and were able to battle it out. We decided to lay low and hang out at the house this year. Danielle and Joe, plus my parents came to watch the men in the tight pants duel it out. Okay, maybe Joe and my dad did not so appreciate that part as much as I did, but ya know....
So, we got some food, got some drinks, and put on our Patriot's gear. Let me just say that I don't think I have ever worn another team's shirt. This was a first. BUT, I was so worried that Brian Urlacher is going to be slightly miffed when he reads this post that I made sure to cover my boo-tay.

Some food. My mom made her AMAZING chili for us to feast on as well.

Eric and Delaney

Pats in da house!

For Brian....

The game started and I must admit, I held my breath while Kelly Clarkson sang The Star Spangled Banner in fear that she would mess it up. Last year stressed me out big time and I did not want a repeat. Thankfully, she belted it out! Now it must be said, I am a Bears fan. Not a Patriots fan. Eric is a Pats fan and because the Bears didn't make to 'the big game' I reluctantly gave my support in way of Tom Brady and the rest of the guys. Plus, I am NOT a Giants fan. During the game, the kids stayed outside and played with my mom and my dad went out there quite a few times as well, they had a blast.
And come on, how many of you LOVED the commercials this year? The Great Dane one? The Sketcher's one? And let's be honest, ladies (and maybe some men out there), how many of you had a small gasp slip out when David Beckham was standing there in nothing but his chonies? Yep- it happened to me. I think I may even go to
H&M and buy me a pair. He was so convincing.

Nana playing with the kiddos

Sandy Kelley-Mikkelson enjoying the game too
Eric and Daddy in search of a beer- probably during the Beckham commercial.
Danielle, Joe and Eric chillaxing
We got a new TV back in December (righteous gift from someone) and it is LARGE. We were excited to watch the game on it- imagine David Beckham on that bad boy- yeah.......

Delaney and Brody really enjoyed the half time show. I gotta say- it rocked. Plus I heart LMFAO in a big bad way so when I saw them I freaked . I love that the kids were all into Madonna- they were vogue-ing right along with her. 

Comfort food- mmmmmmmm
I really wanted a family picture in all our Pats gear but Brody was in a Brody mood and would not look at the camera. So here are our attempts...

We tried again after the game.....

Please look at Delaney. Classic.

SO then we had cupcakes. Not fancy ones. This is the first game in two years, that I haven't made a Super Bowl cake.

Boring cupcakes.

Here are the cakes I have made the past 2 years...

(Yes I made a Packers cake- I promise I did not enjoy it)

The rest of the game was spent yelling four letters words at the TV like all good parents and aunts and uncles do. Such a bummer the Pats lost, but now Tom Brady has to defend his hot wife to the team because of her after game comments and that sucks even more.

The boys.

Delaney posing.

And I will leave you all with an image that takes our classiness up a couple levels.....

All refrigerators should have their own mini keg. Just sayin'

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