Monday, January 23, 2012

Nice weather we're having

My Mega Monday clean up is finished, my kids are in bed, the dishes are done and the laundry that has been on the bed is actually put away. Can I get an OH YEAH! Now I am sitting on the couch in my favorite Wildcats sweatpants wrapped in my favorite cozy blanket getting ready to watch a movie with my favorite husband. I noticed I haven't blogged in awhile-so I decided tonight is the night!

This post is really about nothing- just random pictures. The beautiful weather we have been having has been the perfect play weather for the kiddos. So, really if you wanted something good to read, you're kinda SOL on that. BUT, if you wanna just check out some pictures of the fam- you are so reading the right blog:)

Daylen got a yo yo for Christmas and the littles thought it was the coolest thing ever! They LOVE when he is at our house:)

Brody's face, Opie spit, Delaney ready for the snap- perfect picture.

Sandy Kelley-Mikkelson striking a pose

Big brother to the rescue!

The kids can chow an apple. And the face is priceless
Yes I know her eyes are closed, but the point of the picture is that she is eating an apple while her feet are locked at the top of the slide.... seriously, this girl is gonna give me a heart attack one day!

Playing drive thru...

Checking the temp in the hot tub

Sweet face (even with the spit)
My girl
Good times, my friends, good times.

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  1. love the pictures!!! I might have to 'steal' a few. I really love the drive-thru...they are so creative :)
    xoxo Mom


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