Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year's Rockin Eve

I was a little bummed that we had nothing planned for New Year's Eve this year. Not that we have ever really done anything since the kids have been born, but for some reason, I felt the need to do something. So I tell my super sweet husband that I want to dress up in fancy clothes, have a fancy dinner and game night and he says, "OK". He left for the afternoon and that gave me some time to get ready for our fancy dinner. I put a red table cloth on the table, with our silver chargers and all. Candles were our centerpiece and I got out the fancy glasses. I went upstairs to get us dressed and got kinda excited! I decided on wearing the Maid of Honor dress I wore in my sister's wedding. I quickly changed into it, sucked in all my breath and zipped it all the way up- couldn't breath and I may have looked a bit pregnant, but this rockin momma got zipped it up. Delaney went for an Easter dress and Brody, well I went to put on his clothes from Danielle's wedding, but couldn't quite get them zipped, so I opted for the shirt, vest and umm.... diaper. Yep, that's how we roll.

For dinner, I made the ever fabulous Macaroni and Cheese with cut u hot dogs in it. Eric got home just in time to get in his fancy clothes and pop open the Safeway brand of sparkling cider. I eloquently filled holiday bowls with our dinner and set them on the chargers. We all sat down and had a little toast, followed by many many cheers between the kids.

A blurry cheers:)

Nothing but class here folks.

After dinner, it was time for a rousing game of Candyland. The kids did a great job taking turns and Delaney legitimately won. Fancy time was over, the kids went to sleep and Eric and I watched Bridesmaids and bet who would fall asleep first (I always win- he always falls asleep). Turns out, we did actually watch the ball drop and toasted to a great new year and took a minute to be thankful for the blessings in our lives.

Planning her strategy

And yes, we are total nerds. And I. LOVE.IT.


  1. Nicole, you come up with the best ideas for holidays. I can totally see this becoming a tradition for your family, especially the no-pants outfit!

    We will have a wild New Year's party again you'll see! It may be in another 16 years, but we'll do it!

  2. Love the diaper outfit! That is such a cute idea, your kids are very lucky to have you for their mommy!!

  3. Fabulous idea! You sure know how to make good memories for your family!


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