Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas at last

Christmas morning came early. At 7:30 Delaney was ready to go downstairs. The big kids spent the night and we told the littles to go wake Kaylie up- super fun! We went downstairs, the kids completely missed all the present s that took over our living room and went right to where the cookies and milk had been set out for Santa. They were shocked to see that Santa had eaten the cookies and the Coors Lite glass that had once been full of milk, sat empty next to the plate. It was then that they turned around and saw that Christmas had come with a vengeance. This is the first time that we have had all four kids on Christmas morning. I have to admit, it is difficult! I had a hard time paying attention to each kid! Daylen got a new scooter, Kaylie got a pair of socks with some money in it, Delaney got the Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Market and a Strawberry Shortcake Doll- and let's not forget about the dinosaur she wanted (it was stuffed with no babies in it's belly) and Brody got an airport table and a firetruck. Oh and Opie and Sandy each got new dog beds!

Delaney noticing that Santa came.

Brody's airport

The big kids checking out their Santa presents

Can't drag Brody away to open his stocking

We let them open their stockings and then it was on! Christmas paper was a flyin'. Brody was very diligent in his opening. He pretty much made confetti by the time he was done with each package and each time he would say, "Dat's what I wanted!" Delaney wanted each new toy out of the box immediately. After the last present had been opened, we "cleaned" up and had breakfast. Eric's mom and step-dad came over mid morning and the kids opened more presents.

Kaylie with her sparkling cider and new shirt that says, "Cool story bro, tell it again", a phrase that she used constantly not to long ago

The big kids left around 2:00 while the littles were napping and we prepared for round 3. My family came over around 3:00 with a CRAP ton of stuff. Our little living room became teeny tiny fast. The kids were totally excited! We must have opened presents for an hour and a half. Sadly, I only took 3 pictures due to the fact that I was a crazy person opening presents, passing presents out, opening presents that weren't even for me- whew-crazy lady.

Christmas again!

Brody's helmet

And another blurry picture of Brody man

Dinner was at our house- paper plates and all. I could not believe the amount of stuff that we got- our kids are BLESSED- no doubt about it. I want them to know and understand how lucky they are to have a family like they have. The kids went bed early that night and Eric and I crashed on the couch shortly after.
It is so exhausting having kids and doing Christmas, but totally worth it.

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  1. HOLY COW! That airport is amazing! Brody is one lucky boy.


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