Monday, October 22, 2012

Field Trip Fun!

Our first field trip is behind us. Last Thursday, Delaney's preschool went to Apple Annie's, a pumpkin patch in Willcox, Arizona (about an hour or so drive). No transportation was provided so we all drove ourselves down there, but I was good with that, because that meant I got to drive my new mini van....that's killer mini van in da house!

Brody was allowed to come with us on this trip, which made me both happy and nervous. I can do the pumpkin patch, no problem, with Eric. By myself, that's a whole different story. Luckily, I have a couple awesome friends that promised me they would have my back if Brody took off. That boy is fast! I'm serious, one minute he's right there and the next he is gone- like Dash in The Incredibles. I knew I was in a for an exhausting day!

Once we arrived, we did the whole bathroom stop and then took a few minutes for a photo op. I love these pictures. Delaney has made some good friends in her class and their moms are amazing, so that makes it even better. Plus, they include Brody in on the action which makes my heart happy.

Delaney's teachers, who are awesome by the way, had us make our way over to the covered area to listen to a lady (who had no clue how to talk to preschoolers) for about 10 minutes. Brody was not feelin it. He was so he left the area, which was probably the best, because he voiced his displeasure quite loudly. When the lady was done talking, she handed me a sheet of paper with questions on it. The answers to the questions were the directions on how to maneuver our way out of the corn maze. Yeah, I was not so much listening and then realized what a bad idea that turned out to be. Luckily, I passed the questionnaire off to Natalia and we found out our way out.

Totally glazed over at this point....

Next up was the hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. Brody loves the tractor and I love watching him! Once we reached the pumpkin patch, he was gone. He just got right off the trailer and went on a mission for the great pumpkin. Delaney stuck by me for a bit and once we found our pumpkins, I was missing Eric pretty badly. Carrying two pumpkins and dragging two children back to the trailer was work, but I did it!

After the ride, we had some lunch, took a couple more pictures and had a potty break before we made the drive home.

All In all, very successful first field trip. I love that I work from home and get to go on these with the kids.


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