Sunday, November 2, 2008

Winning weekend!

This weekend was full of football and
cheerleading. The season is winding down (so sad:) and with the end of the season comes playoffs and cheer competition. Well, Daylen's team ended up beating the Dolphins on Saturday which put them in the playoffs. That's right, we just extended the season. Daylen, however, had an AMAZING game. He was sacking the quarterback and making solo tackles left and right. When I asked him what came over him he said, "this one guy on the other team really really ticked me off, so I got mad." So next weekend we will be at Catalina Foothills High School at 6:30 am to cheer him on. Go Wildcats!

Long day of football

Kaylie had her city cheer competition on Sunday. To be honest, Eric and I had not seen her routine all the way through til that day. She was awesome! Her squad ended up getting 1st place in the Senior Midget division! They are the City Champs! But it doesn't end there... she will be going to San Diego the day after Thanksgiving to compete in the Regional competition. We are sad though because we were supposed to have our Thanksgiving with the kids that Friday because Eric's dad will be in town, so now we will have it without her:( But we wish her luck!

And then there's the little one. She is
SOOO close to walking it is killing me! She can walk across the living room between us, but isn't confidant enough yet to go out on her own. I have video but I am obviously not smart enough to get them on the blog just yet. I will work on it. At Kaylie's competition, she supported her big sister by wearing a UA Wildcats cheer uniform that we got from Cathy Skow at our baby shower. She was too cute!! Here are some pictures:

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  1. oh my gosh! Congratulations to Daylen and Kaylie! And Delaney is just tooo cute!


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