Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Market Santa

So Eric and I decided that we would take Delaney to see the Santa that was going to be at the Farmer's Market, which is 5 minutes away. I was excited! We get there and go through the barn looking for Santa. At the other end of the barn, there was a young man, bald, wearing Santa pants, a t-shirt, motorcycle jacket and to top it off- he had a lovely cigarette in his hand. Awesome. I said to Eric, "Surely that's not THE Santa they are talking about right?" Oh but it was. A couple minutes later, the now fully dressed Santa, emerged form the barn again (minus the cigarette) and was walking by saying, "Hi kids, hello!" No "Ho, Ho, Ho". No "Have you been good?" He didn't even try to sound like Santa. This poor man never had his voice change as a kid I guess. I decided that we were going to forgo sitting on the smoke smelling Santa and play with rocks instead.

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