Friday, January 2, 2009

Delaney's First Haircut!!

Her before...why did we wait so long? But still cute!

We are starting the new year off with a new look for our little girl. She was looking pretty raggedy. We decided it was time for her first haircut. We went to the not so glamorous Great Clips and should've probably walked out immediately. We got there, there was a long wait, and the people were not so nice. But, we were determined. Eric followed her around as she was getting more and more impatient. Finally it was her turn! The lady was like- "Oh someone is gonna have to hold her" in what was barely English. Duh.... Anyway, there I sat with her. She did ok at first and then she kept turning around to see what the heck was spraying her so much. And then I had to hold her head. That was when the screaming started. Yep, anyone who thought that they would get a nice relaxing haircut at Great Clips today picked the wrong hour! After what seemed like forever, it was done. It is a little shorter than I had planned, but the lady didn't seem to understand what we were saying. So I am sure that this will be a haircut that she will look at later in life and say, "Thanks a lot mom and dad." But this blog is to archive the fact that it really was her fault, not ours:)

They gave us a little card that had a space for some of her hair, but the lady didn't really get into it, so I picked as much off of my big belly as I could get. Kinda gross, but a memory.

**Thankful thought**
I am grateful for my husband who wants to be a part of silly little things like a haircut and wanting to take pictures. I am also grateful for Kaylie and Daylen who provide endless entertainment to my munchie.

Right at the beginning- she was still ok.

This is when it got loud. I am holding her head and she is screaming and crying.
Here we are at the luxurious Great Clips. Nothing but the best and yes her hand is heading down my shirt.

The finished product....


  1. How could she be any cuter!!? Love the haircut!

  2. Very cute. We still have not been brave enough to cut Sugar Bear's hair...all for the same reasons you experienced!


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