Thursday, January 15, 2009

The new laundry room

I finished my first two projects. The big linen closet is all organized & cleaned, but not very exciting. The laundry room though IS very exciting! We now have the biggest washer and dryer I have ever seen! They are huge. Watching Eric and my dad try to get them upstairs (yes our laundry room is upstairs, which we loved until this day) was frightening. At one point, we thought we were going to have to make our office into the laundry room:)

So here are the before and afters:

After (new paint, organizing, and appliances)

The cabinets are now clean again!

Next projects:

~little linen closet
~our linen closet


  1. Hooray! I feel your excitement! Finishing your projects must be like my obsession with finishing the nursery! Anyway, it looks great! I'm bringing the triplets' laundry to YOUR house! We can spend time together doing laundry! Won't that be fun with 5 small children running around?? hee hee

  2. Wow, can I hire you?? I ate doing projects because it seems like as soon as I get it the way I want it, there is Ethan ready to tear it apart, oh the joys of little boys!!


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