Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Tried

This was before... we did not get an after
She really hates to be still or look at the camera.

Today was our first attempt at putting Delaney in the nursery at church. We've been going to church every week, but my parents watch her on the opposite service time. I was convinced to try and be brave. We took her in the room and she immediately attached herself to a little boy (before actually even getting all the way in the room ) and was very much "Delaney". She has a slight personal space issue that we really need to work on. She ended up pushing the kid down, but he got right back up. So, we filled out her name tag, put it on her back and grabbed a pager. They say that they will page you if they can't calm them down within 10-15 minutes or so. Nervous, I handed her over and Eric & I boogied out of there. We went through the whole service & no page!!! As we were walking back, we saw a man holding a little girl outside of the nursery. Eric says, "Wow, I thought that was Delaney". Sure enough- it was! One of the workers was holding her outside because she wouldn't stop crying:( They take all the kids on these strollers, buggies they call them, that have 9 seats. Well, apparently, she didn't want to be out of the buggy. That was the only time that she wouldn't cry. The man was nice and said that she stuck with him, but her poor little eyes and face were so red! Anyway, I feel bad- for everyone involved. She was so tired, she took a two hour nap as soon as we got home.
I guess we may try it one more time before we give up for a while.
She looked darn cute though.

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  1. Poor Delaney, she missed her mommy! But you are right, she looked darn cute!


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