Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little Movers and Shakers

I was so excited when my friend Courtney told me that she signed her son Braydon up for a movers and shakers class at Parks and Rec. Braydon is only 1 day older than Delaney and they have a blast together. This class is so fun! I was nervous at first cuz they sit in a circle and go over rules and then stretch! Delaney doesn't usually sit for any period of time so this was a little scary. She did great though! There were a couple activities that she just plain hated. She really didn't like sitting on top of the parachute while the parents went around pulling it in a circle. Thee was screaming and then it was "done?done?" so she got off. Other than that, she had a blast. Here are some of the days activities.

After the class we went to see the ducks... Braydon and Delaney just ran.

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