Monday, August 24, 2009

How to get attention when you have a baby at home...

So I have a baby brother... great... I am STILL CUTE! Sometimes I think people forget about me so I decide to make them remember. These tips are for all the big brothers and sisters out there!

1. When your mommy gets the bath ready for the baby, hurry and get in it with your clothes on while she is taking off the baby's clothes. Oh, and steal the pacifier in the process.

2. Play the disappear game...

First, take the pot out of the cabinet

Second, start to climb in,
Third, get scrunchie in there

Finally, close the door and don't make any noise,
even if your mommy is running around looking for you!

3. Get a "snack" (or an entire bag of cookies) out of the pantry.

4. Put on boots that are WAY too big and look adorable

5. Find a drawer with lots of markers and try to take the caps off all of them, your mommy will totally run!

6. Pretend you are scared at a playground, even when you're not (this is really great when your mommy and daddy or totally looking and laughing at the baby- they will come so fast)
7. Or just be cute, adorable, silly self... they still love you the same!


  1. Great post Nicole! I love it! That Delaney is one smart cookie!

  2. Think how much fun - and trouble - Delaney and Brody will be up to in just a few short months...she has so much to show him!

  3. I went from crying over your Mad Hatter party for the family friend to laughing so hard I thought I would need to change MY pants!!! Thanks for all the updates. I thought Sugar Bear was a handful! I think Miss Delaney has her beat!
    oxox from us all!


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