Thursday, September 17, 2009

Monkey Man is 5 months old!!!


I can't believe Brody is 5 months old. I remember when I was younger 5 months seemed like FOREVER and now, I can't believe how fast it has gone. Brody is a great baby! He is so good natured and is the easiest baby to make smile! He could use some help in the sleeping department, but Eric says it's because he misses me so much at night that he has to see me (whatever, notice he doesn't "miss" ERIC). Anyway, he LOVES his meals! He eats oatmeal twice a day and he scarfs (sp?) his bottles all day long!

One day before he turned 5 months old, he decided that he was done with this laying down all the time business. He honestly does crunches every time he is on the floor and it is painful to watch. Apparently, all those crunches built up his core muscles (hmm... note to self) because I sat him up yesterday and let go, just to see what happened, and holy moly- SITTING BABY!!!! I am not gonna lie, that can't be an easy feat with that noggin of his, but he did it! I am super excited... this was make it much easier for him to sit and watch his big sister play!

He is also about to get his first tooth (or first 2 teeth). I can feel it in there. The poor baby has his entire fist in his mouth all the time!

Here are some pictures of my little guy!

Mr. workout man doing crunches!

"Wow! Look at me Daddy!"

"uh-oh... here I come!"

This one was today, on his 5 month birthday!


  1. wow 5 months!! he's getting HUGE!! It has gone by fast, I think that means we need to get together again and let our kids run wild!!

  2. Yay! Such a cutie! I'm so jealous that he sat up!! I keep waiting for Colton to do that! Anyhoo, good blog! Keep em coming! (Oh, and look out for your mailbox soon..) :)

  3. These pictures are too cute. And I know what you mean, Jason is 9 1/2 months, 21 lbs, 28 1/2 inches. BUT he still fits in his infant seat, 22 lbs, 29 inches:)


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