Thursday, October 1, 2009

Are You Ready for Some Football?..... wait.... flag on the play.....

Daylen's 5th season as a Tucson Wildcat started at the beginning of August. This year was going to be a bit different for US considering Delaney does not like to sit still for 5 minutes, let alone an hour and a half. It's funny because I think back to the first year that I started going to the games. It was just me and Eric, we would wake up, go get a Starbucks and go to the game. The next year, in the middle of the season, we got married! The following season, I was VERY pregnant with Delaney. Last season, Delaney was here and not mobile (crawling I guess, but not able to run on the field) and I was pregnant, again, with Brody! This season, it's kinda comical to see the Mikkelson clan heading to the field for a game. Now when we pack for a game it consists of : the diaper bag (with a plethora of diapers, wipes, extra outfits, formula, bottles, etc.), 3 chairs (Delaney has a Mickey chair), the "bus" or stroller, a blanket, a cooler, the "football bag" (a bag full of toys that Delaney only sees on game days), and of course... a mini DVD player!!! Eric and I have it down though! We can unload and load like nobody's business!

The Bus all loaded

Daddy and Brody watching the game!
Supporting his big bro!

So the new season began. Daylen is playing on Junior Pee Wee this year. He plays Center and Defensive End. He is a great football player! Imagine my surprise when I pick him up from school one day and he has a brace on his arm. He said it was hurting still from a tackle that happened earlier in the week. He ended up getting an X-Ray the next day and it turned out that he had a hairline fracture in his wrist! Now logically, I think, football season is over, but BOY was I wrong. He was allowed to play, but had to wear this "cast guard" during practice and games. It looked hilarious, like a big club. Luckily the fracture was small and he was able to get his cast off in 3 weeks, he would just have to wear a brace from then on.His first cast....

A week went by and we get a phone call. Apparently, Daylen was playing tag in a parking lot (like most people do) and tripped over a curb and guess what?! That's right... he broke his OTHER wrist!!!! One week without a cast and now another! So now I think SURELY football season is over- not so much! He is still playing. Now he has a brace on one arm and a cast on the other- he looks like a lobster.

His second cast....

The Lobster man!

Being the tough guy that he is, he is still pressing on and making plays. The season is half way over so we are hoping that he may have one more game without a cast!!!!

What a difference a year makes....

Last season

This season...

Last season
This season
(I know they are the same shirts, we didn't get new ones even though he changed numbers)

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  1. These are so cute and boy tell him to lay off the casts for a while. See you later.


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