Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So Funny

I saw this in the October edition of BABY TALK magazine. I thought it was too cute.
ANAGRAMS FOR MOMS= groans from moms
-Melissa Balmain

= The anxious
Maternity pants= A nasty prim tent
Contraction= I can contort
Dilation= And I toil
Labor pains= Iron ab slap
Breastfeeding= Insert feedbag
Baby formula= Buy from a lab
Postpartum= Ma, Pop strut
Pediatrician= I cried at pain
Nose suction bulb= Cue in snout blobs
Diaper pail= A rapid pile
Babysitter= Tasty bribe
Playground= Nag proudly

Picture just b/c I thought it was cute:)

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