Monday, November 2, 2009

More House?

nDelaney and Brody

Halloween is not my favorite holiday. To be honest, it isn't even in my top 4. I love Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, 4th of July...... then Halloween. This year was a bit different. Last year we dressed Delaney up like a bee. She was so cute. She wasn't walking really and we went trick-or-treating at a couple houses. This year, TOTALLY different! We got the kids dressed and headed out to a neighborhood nearby. I really didn't know how Delaney would react. She is a stubborn little thing and I figured we would hear "yo Momma" (she can't say N's... quite funny) or she would love it! Turns out, she loved it! We loaded up the bus and went to the first house. I walked up to the door with Delaney, Eric was carrying Monkey and I rang the doorbell. When she heard it, she yells, "I did it!" (I am not sure what exactly, but still cute). The lady opened the door and held out the bowl for her to take some candy! We showed her how and from then on, she was a pro. At the end of each house she would say, "tank you guys" and then look at me and say, "more house?" So fun. Brody... just ate the stroller. We finished the night by trick-or-treating at my parents house. We didn't tell them we were coming. When they opened the door, their faces were priceless. They were so excited to see them! Once inside, Delaney discovered what all that stuff was in her bucket. It was Halloween, of course I let her try some. Boy, you want to see sugar in action, give it to a toddler at 7:30 at night. Not smart, but funny.

Anyway, I am excited for next year. I will have 2 walking kids and we will be better prepared.
Rule #1: Don't forget a flashlight,
ESPECIALLY in a neighborhood with no street lights and a place where snakes live.

Delaney as our little Minnie Mouse

Brody as what else? A monkey!

A monkey hanging out in a tree.... yes, we are nerds.

In this bus off to the first house

Brody eating the stroller

"Treat treat"

And Brody eating the stroller....

Trick-or-Treating at Nana and Granddaddy's, with a sucker, with the wrapper on. GROSS

"No more pictures"

"Seriously... how long can this monkey thing go on?" But HOW CUTE!
My kids... man I love them!

And that was our Halloween.......
Brody... getting ready to eat the stroller....

The End

Tomorrow: Delaney's Birthday party (a little late I know)


  1. They look so cute. Glad you had a good time. We were at church with 5 other children, yes that makes 8 kids in the children's department from birth through 5th. Between Halloween and the Newsboys concert we were slow. We had fun though.

  2. Oh my god...Minnie and a Monkey!! So adorable!! Good post! I'm almost done with my "Day 2". Oh and I especially loved the photo of the monkey in the tree!

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  4. very cute Minnie and Monkey.

    My daughter is turning 3 next month and this year she was really into it. Made it very fun for us to walk around the neighborhood with her. :)

  5. Loved their costumes....! The cutest trick-or-treaters ever! And Delaney on a sugar high is definitely something to see.
    Love, Mom


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