Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This Is My Grown Up Christmas List

I love Christmas music and since I was lucky enough to clean the heck out of my house this morning (my mom had the kids:) I was blasting it while I fought the germs! One of the songs that I heard was, "This is my Grown Up Christmas List". It is a very sweet song and it got me thinking about MY Christmas list. I have seen other blogs that post lists and I always thought it was cute and since I had NO IDEA what to blog about today, I thought hey why not?

So here are my Christmas Lists... yes that is meant to be plural!

My "Money is no object" Christmas list (yeah... that will never happen)

  1. A Roomba vacuum... they make life easier

  2. A new Coach purse... I have worn my other one out.

  3. A DVD player for the killer mini-van

  4. An organizational unit for the garage!

  5. An armoire for our room

  6. A paint kit for Eric's truck.... basically ANYTHING for Eric's truck

  7. A new wardrobe

  8. A "pedicure of the month" club (I don't think one exists, but it should. It has been 2 yrs. since I had one!)

  9. Two new Christmas trees with all new cozy, old fashioned decorations

  10. To adopt a family and make their Christmas sparkle

  11. A new fancy camera, with a lens and lessons!

  12. A new laptop!

Ok, now for my ACTUAL list.....

I want Christmas to be special for Kaylie, Daylen, Delaney & Brody

I want Kaylie and Daylen to understand why we can't buy them as much this year

I want to see the expressions on my kid's faces when they see the Christmas tree all lit up

I want to go through Winterhaven with them and watch their excitement

I want to bake Christmas cookies with Delaney and Kaylie

I want to make as many presents as I can

I want someone to clean my house top to bottom.

I want a night out with Eric

I want to watch the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family

I want to watch Christmas Vacation and White Christmas

I want to dress up the kids and go to church as a family

I want a lock box

I want a tan

I want chili

I want to take a butt load of pictures.

I want to take the kids to Big Lots and have them shop for Toys For Tots.

I want to sleep all night

I want to have to have my pre-baby body back

  1. I want to have the happ, happ, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny f****** Kaye!

This post is a little off... my computer broke in the middle of it so I had to finish it at my mom's! That's why the pictures and format look funny! Sorry!

**********Next week I will be starting a new weekly post called To-Do Tuesday. I am a perpetual list maker and this is right up my alley!!!****************

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do TuesdayCrazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do TuesdayCrazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday


  1. This is cool and most of these things you can accomplish or have Eric accomplish for you. Missed possibly seeing you today at MOPS but I see why. See you some time.

  2. thanks for the follow. I like your post, I might mirror it. :)

  3. Thanks Nicole. I couldn't sleep because I am so stressed out over many of your "money is no object" list... sigh- it is 2:26 and the alarm is going off in 2 hours. But the "real" list is what I hope for and pray that my big kids will understand too. Seriously it brought tears to my eyes! We love ya and hope to see you soon to make some of those Christmas cookies: )


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