Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ok... I FIgured It Out!!

Yay! My new blog layout is here! Let me just say a HUGE THANK YOU to Patricia at Mahogony Made! She is wonderful! If you are looking for a makeover, she is the lady! You can check here blog designs out at Silhouette Blog designs (button is on the left). With that being said, I am learning how to use the new layout and all the fun addtions that I have now! I hope that you will keep checking back to see any new stuff! Oh and PLEASE grab my button. I have wanted one for so long and now I have one!!!

Almost THREE days have gone by and I haven't done a post. It has been super crazy here in the Mikkelson house. Seriously, we have been going non-stop for three days now. I need to rewind my mind to this past Friday. The original plan was to make cookies with my mom, make chicken enchilada soup in the crock pot for dinner, pick the big kids up from school and then go to Winterhaven. As usual, it didn't go as planned. My mom came over to make cookies which was pretty difficult with Delaney and Brody. She wanted to help, which was great, and Brody wanted to be held the entire time. We slowly made progress and I whipped up some soup for the crock pot.

Delaney helping Nana make cooooookies..

More peez

Brody helping!

 I got home with the big kids and Eric got home shortly after. I knew we had to eat dinner at 5:00 if we were going to make it to La Encantada by 6:45. (Side note: I didn't check to actually see when Winterhaven opened- turned out, it WAS NOT open on Friday so we quickly changed our plans). We sucked down our soup, loaded everyone in the killer mini van (including Braydon, the little boy I babysit) and headed to La Encantada (we dropped Braydon off with his mom). La Encantada is this super ritzy outdoor mall that is in the high falutin part of Tucson. Needless to say, we don't go there often. It is a beautiful mall with so many stores that I can't even afford to breathe in, but it still fun to dream. The cool thing is, on Friday and Saturday nights in December they have a 'snow storm' twice a night for 20 minutes. They give away hot chocolate from Williams Sonoma and have carolers singing in the background. Since snow is not a normal occurance here in Tucson, I thought it would be cool for the little kids to see (Kaylie and Daylen went along to see the babies faces- they have seen plenty of snow:).

The start of the storm....

Kaylie and Daylen...

Seriously, this was Brody's face the whole time. He was very concerned.

Eric and his kiddos. Please note Delaney's concerned look.

Kaylie and me :)

We made it just in time, the second we walked up, the 'snow' started. Delaney was hysterical. She was so confused, but was loving it! Brody didn't crack a smile the entire time we were playing in it. I think that he did not enjoy his hat.

We had the yummiest hot chocolate and wandered around the mall until Delaney's screams filled the halls and we decided to call it a night.

The big kids on turtles....don't know why

"Nene (Delaney) too!!!!!"

It is a family memory that we will file away and look back on and smile. I love family stuff- and it was FREE!

Two bigs kids and two tired babies!

PS I can't find the spell checker on this layout yet- please excuse the words that don't look so right:)


  1. I love your blog! Your kidos are super cute! I have an award for you over at my blog!


  2. I LOVE your new layout! It looks great! Who did you have do the design work?

    I contacted you awhile ago to see if you wanted to guest post. If you are still interested and have an interesting activity from your kindergarten days, we'd love to hear about it and feature you!

  3. I'm a big fan of your new layout. Patricia at Mahogany Made did a great job of capturing your personality! Love the pics of the kids in the 'snow' too!

  4. Love the look. And will have to check out the mall activity. Free this year is definitely a good thing.

  5. First I have to tell you I am really liking this new look. The downside-it has me looking at my own blog pretty critically right now...


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