Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Shined My Sink

kay, enough is enough already. I am in a rut, a slump, a whatever. I need to get out of it. How? I don't know for sure. Still praying for that answer. However, I had a glimmer of hope while driving home from dropping Daylen off at school today. My morning was hell hectic. Brody is boycotting sleep right now and finally dozed off on the couch with me about 4 am. At 6:50.... I woke up-freaking out! I needed to be in the car to get Daylen to school at 7:10. In that 20 minutes, I needed to feed and change Brody, change Delaney, put on a bra, get coffee, start the killer mini van, get their socks and sweatshirts on and get out the door. I was pissed off   slightly irritated with Eric and I am not entirely sure why.  I think it was because when I asked if he was ready and could possibly feed Brody for me, he scoffed and said "No, I got up late". Oh I am so sad for you.... see Brody doesn't have a snooze button. Anyway, I know it wasn't his fault, but I was on a rampage. So I drop Daylen off and the whole way home I am hearing "Mom, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy...." and then Brody screaming. ROCK ON! I ended up just turning the radio up to drown them out. I put it KLOVE (Christian station) and being interviewed was this lady they call the FlyLady. I have heard of her before. My friend Ami told me about her website a couple months ago, but I never really looked at it more than twice. Today, it was like God intervening! LISTEN you what I heard. So I listened. She said if you want to feel good about yourself, start with a shiny sink. WHAT?! Screw that, I thought. GOD AGAIN: Shut up and listen. Open your stubborn, tired mind and pay attention. Ok.... I will listen. I listened to the rest of the interview and when I go thome, I got on her website (first I fed Brody) and was hooked. I immediately started the process of shining my sink. I did it even though, Brody was at my ankles, pulling down my pants and Delaney was standing on top of the TV console, because I needed to. I shined my sink. I would show you pictures, but my camera isn't working.

Her whole theory with the sink is, when you walk into your kitchen first thing n the morning, a shining sink will make you smile and you can stawrt fresh. If it is yucky and full of dishes, you are already behind. I will be beginning her baby steps in order to regain any control in my house. I think it may be one of the answers that I needed. Thanks FlyLady!

That was step #1:)


  1. Totally the reason I have to have the dishes done. I can't start my day off as a short order cook with a messy sink! It's one small grace to wake to a clean kitchen...the floor? That's another story. Sigh...I fear it's a battle I will never win, so I am focusing on the war.

  2. I need my bed made. No matter what - the bed needs to be made otherwise I am out of control!

  3. I think the answer is more sleep! I am a big proponent of sleep...
    Thank goodness it's almost a weekend!!!

  4. I have visited the Fly lady's site. Very good ideas. I told myself to start doing didnt happen. I totally like the idea of putting on shoes. If I have shoes on I will do 10 times as much as I do in my slippers.

    Dean shined my sink tonight. Does that count?

  5. The sink? Hm... I'm with McVal-I think (I know)you need more sleep. Hope you get some soon!

  6. Love flylady! Her site has lots of info, and sometimes just having that shiny sink does help. :)

  7. Great minds think alike!

  8. Hello found you at MBC. New follower

  9. The saying is, "never go to bed angry." My mom has another theory, never go to bed with dishes in the sink. I try to keep up each night because it is such a nice little treat not having that glaring at you first thing in the morning :)


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