Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was super busy! I loved it! It started out kinda crappy....I was feeling like poop. My throat hurt, I was hacking (as Eric so lovingly put it it) and my head felt like a truck ran me over. Eric worked on Saturday and I spent the morning doing NOTHING with the kids. Poor kids....totally got screwed , but I could not function. BUT Eric was so efficient at jackhammering concrete that he got done early and came home! YAY! We decided to go downtown to the Tucson Carnival(e?) and check it out. So I loaded up on Dayquil and off we went! The Children's Museum was having a special ($2 a person!) so we headed in. We had never been there before and I was excited to see the kids faces. Needless to say, the special rate, the Carnival, and the fact that it was Saturday made the museum less than easy to maneuver with a double stroller, but you know Eric- he just pushed through! Anyway, super fun and we will totally go back when it is not busy!
Eric and the kiddos building....
Brody helping Daddy
Delaney LOVING the science center!
The kiddos...Brody did not like the cold grass
She did!
Me and my babies

Sunday (also known as Valentine's Day) we went to church (Delaney peed on the potty-her fav thing to do at church) and we went home. We ALL had a nap and then went outside to wash cars and clean the garage. We finished the day with a walk around the neighborhood. Delaney finished the day by landing on both knees, n shorts, on the uneven asphalt successfully gushing blood from her knees the rest of the way home. Now, Eric is her hero because..."Wook, Mommy. Daddy fixeded my knees. See...all beeeter". So sweet.

After church on V-day

Delaney is kinda into posing these days
Brody's pink shirt from Uncle Joe...real men wear pink.


  1. Those kids are just so CUTE!!!!
    I am hoping you get better!

  2. We've never been to the Children's Museum. I am sure mine would both love it.

  3. Sorry things started bad on Saturday but glad all turned out in the end.


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