Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Too Close For Missiles, Switching to Guns"

I am an Air Force brat and proud of it. I was born on Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas while my dad was in pilot training. I grew up with airplanes. I knew what an A-10 was at a super young age. I grew up at Air Shows. My daddy used to fly in them and do the commentary for pilots. I think airplanes are way cool (although I am deathly afriad of flying in them and yes, my dad was a fighter pilot and now is a commercial airline pilot-weird I know). My dad retired from the Air National Guard when I graduated from high school (about 12 years ago now) when he was flying F-16. It has always been very strange to me when I meet new people and they have NO CLUE about airplanes. It was just how I was raised I guess. When I met Eric, he didn't know much about airplanes. I was nervous to introduce him to my dad because he is 15 years older than me and I didn't know exactly how that would fly (haha). We decided that the air show, that they have here at Davis Monthan Air Force Base, would be a great time for them to meet. A little scary, but we were on my dad's turf and he was good with that. Of course, they hit it off and now get along great. The next time we went, I was early in my pregnancy with Delaney. It was a different feeling walking through the airplanes with my parents thinking about bringing my own child to one. I knew that my dad would show her the ropes. THIS year, wow, what  different story! We went with my step-kids, Kaylie and Daylen, and Delaney and Brody! I have this big family now and want these memories.

Delaney had a blast! I dressed her in this super cute, bright orange outfit so it would be easy to pick her out of a crowd. Brody was styling in his new threads and I was excited to go! The second we are in the gate, she is done with the stroller. Not only that, but she wanted to wear her hat, backwards like daddy. So much for the cute hair. My dad, Granddaddy to the kids, didn't help- he kept saying, "I'll hold her, I'll walk with her". So, he did. He showed her airplane after airplane. I was getting warm, so we found an airplane (an A-10 to be exact) and sat under the tail for some shade. Delaney and my dad were gone again and Brody and the big kids had some frozen lemonade. All of a sudden, Delaney comes back wearing a huge white shirt that my dad bought for himself and she wanted to wear it. So now, no cute clothes that I can seen from afar and no more cute hair. Oh well.....

Delaney and Granddaddy....

Nana and Granddaddy walking with Delaney

Kaylie and Brody hanging out under the tail.

Here's Delaney modeling Granddaddy's new shirt

Brody and his lemonade.

We had a great time at the air show. My mom said it was just like watching my dad with me when I was little. Couldn't help but a little misty. Delaney loved it! Brody slept and looked around when he was awake with big eyes.

Delaney and Granddaddy in front of a F-16.

Brody sleeping. Won't sleep through the night, but will sleep through an air show.

The Thunderbirds are the big finale and we love watching them! Now, if you have never seen an air show or witnessed an F-16 doing an afterburner fly by....let me just tell ya....your jiggly parts will be jigglin. It is so loud, your insides shake. So awesome. Okay, so awesome for big people. For little people, like Delaney, it's terrifying. We knew the first one was coming, but couldn't get to the stroller in time to cover her ears and she lost control! She was screaming!!! They do three or four fly bys and they are so loud! At this point she was crying and saying, "No more youd airpanes Granddaddy. All done now ok?" So we decided to walk towards the car. They kids all fell asleep in the car and we have the memories of our first air show as a complete family.

Waiting for the Thunderbirds...


Daylen and Eric

Brody, happy man.

Still waiting and still happy...

Now not so much......

There we are....ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY!


  1. I was always a little fascinated by planes too, but like you I don't like flying one bit, so you are not weird in the least! LOL! Cute pics.

  2. great pics! delaney is so cute with your dad :)

  3. When we attend the first air show right after James was born I thought for sure he was deaf since he slept right through it and we were along the ropes. But as you know he's not:) Glad you had a great time:)

  4. Sounds like a great day and lots of new memories were made :)

  5. So fun! We'd love to do something like that. Great pictures...and I don't know what you're talking about regarding yourself. You look great!


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