Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In Someone Else's Seat

Saturday, I had a day unlike any other. Nothing was 'normal' about it. It started off with me going to get a mani-pedi at a new nail salon. May not seem out of the ordinary, but the last time I had one, was two years ago. The only reason I did is because I got a smokin deal off of Facebook for it. But, as I was sitting there having my feet scrubbed, the nail tech is telling me that for some people pedicures are not an option, they are a necessity. Sure, I thought, but so is food, bills, and clothes. Spending money on my feet every couple of weeks is just not an option, for me anyways. I couldn't help but think that there are people that do that all the time.... pretty cool. I went home and quickly changed my clothes and Eric and I jumped into my mom's car and headed to Phoenix for an experience unlike any other. This is the first time I have gone to Phoenix without kids in I don't even know how long. It was strange.... not having to turn around to give snacks or to calm down an uncomfortable baby. We didn't stop at McDOnald's half way to let them stretch their legs. We just went. We were heading to Phoenix to go to a Diamondbacks game. Niether one of us had ever been. The tickets were a gift, given to Eric by the home owner of a remodel Eric did. Let me just state for the record that I am not a huge fan of baseball. I wanted to go because I knew, based on the tickets, that these must be pretty good seats and what girl doesn't want to see guys in tight pants (uniform pants of course, not talking about spandex). I am a football girl. I can hold my own in a group of guys watching a football game. But, I figured, I want to go, just to see. If I had my chance I would see this guy:


Here's where the real "we don't know how to be rich" starts. We arrived in Phoenix and were going to be meeting our wonderful friends Aaron and Bridget and their adorable little boy GAvin for drinks before the game. We found a place to park, paid the man, and proceeded across the street to wait for Aaron and Bridget to pick us up. As we are walking, I was annoyed because it was windy and I was wearing dress (yes, a dress to a baseball game, I know, I know). I was bitching complaining to Eric when it dawned on me....I said, "Um, yeah so we have valet parking." In with our tickets, we had a valet parking pass. We are cool. So what do we do? DAmn right, we turn around, go back to our car, and leave the five dollar lot and search for valet. This was not an easy feat, but eventually we found it. We get out of the car and the very nice man tells us where we can enter the stadium, which is like right there. BUT, we were meeting our friends so we had to walk down this very long side street to get back to the front of the stadium to get picked up (a little ghetto, I must admit).

We have a lovely time with the Davis'. We went to Cooperstown, which is owned by ALice Cooper so it was very interesting. We had to say goodbye, which sucks because they were moving to Florida (today actually) so we knew we wouldn't see them for awhile. Good friends are hard to find and we love them!

Me and Bridget:)

Eric, Aaron and Gavin... very coordinated.

So Eric and I head back to the stadium. We get in and have to find our seats. The man helping us, showed us where to go and I felt every eye watching us walk down, down,. down to our seats. Why? Well you see, we were in the front row, on the third base line, with the dug out- right there, in seats 1 and 2. I seriously felt like we were sneaking into a movie or something and were going to get kicked out at any time.

This was from our seats.

That's the dug out to the right....

That's my beer.

As very friendly man comes over and wants to see our tickets, so we show him and he goes on to tell us about the bathrooms that are in the tunnel, right next to us, along with a buffet, a bar and a store! He then gives us a menu!! Yeah a menu for our seats. Crazy. I was so out of my element. I asked Eric, "Can I take pictures?", "Should we order a beer?" It was so different. Like I said before, I am all about football so when Eric tells me that sitting in the front row is dangerous and if there is a foul ball I needed to duck, I kinda scoffed and said "alright". Sure enough, first pitch that we are there for, was a foul ball, headed right for my head. The guy across the aisle, hit it with his hand as Eric shoved my head down. It missed me by two feet. So, needless to say, I was a bit paranoid the rest of the game. I just kept looking around and thinking that these seats are the norm for these people. Eric and I knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I kept thinking about how we spent $20 on two beers. I kept thinking that I would never pay $300 for ONE game, but that's because I would use that to pay our electric bill! This was normal for these people. I was just so amazed the whole time. We had a great time and when the game was over, we headed out to our car, in the valet lot.

This is some guy that all the girls shouted at when he walked by, don't know who he is

We were so close!


As we are walking there, we realized that we had no idea where that was, we came in the front remember? We find it, get our car and get ready to go home. I was starving so where did we go? IHOP....finally some place I belong:) It such a different life. My life revolves around my kids, my family, cleaning, bills, grocery shopping etc. While it was nice to spend the day eating out all day, getting my nails done, living the 'good life' at the game, we found out that it's kinda a lot work to be rich and we just don't fit in:) We good where we are....


  1. Wow you had quite the weekend. I'm glad you had fun. As far as the nail salon goes....I go every 2 weeks. That's my me time and I'd go crazy without it. Lol. Once a month I go all out and get a spa pedi which comes with a looong foot massage. :)

  2. jealous!!! looks like you had a blast! and btw that "guy" was conner jackson, or "cojack" for short. my sister and my husband would KILL for seats like that! glad you had fun :)

  3. Glad you had a nice time. It's good to get out and have some new experiences and step outside of our normal, daily routine lives. :)

  4. I am so glad you guys had such awesome seats!! You deserve it! We loved seeing you guys and miss you already!

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