Friday, May 7, 2010


Supermom to the rescue! Okay, let's be honest, that is SO NOT ME. I haven't posted this week for a couple reasons. #1- I have been so blasted tired at night, I just couldn't muster up the energy. #2- Computer issues (again, is this getting old yet?) #3- This one is a bit more involved. I  SHALL explain!

Lately, I have been feeling less than super in the mommy/wife role. I have been thinking about what makes a supermom....*super*. I still am not sure. I decided that maybe my lack of super-ness (new word perhaps?) could be contributed to a few things. Some, I can't change. For instance, I can't sleep all night. The reason-Brody man. Trying to change it, so not happening. (Side note: he didn't have a bottle at ALL last night, just cried a ton:) Something I decided that maybe taking my super abilities away is blogging. I am obsessed with blogging. I don't even know how that happened? I find it so cathartic and fun! I love that people actually enjoy reading about my crazy adventures with my family. I love that my out of town relatives can see pictures of the kids. BUT, that being said, I spend a lot of time on it. Truthfully, with no new post this week, I was expecting some kind of transformation- like when the spider bit Toby Maguire or like when the Super Sleuths ate some of Rabbits super veggies. Sadly, nothing of that sort of thing occured. I am still mediocre me.

I was trying to figure out what I thought a *supermom* was like. I know many supermoms. I know of one, who has triplets, who works part time and just went through a horrible day when her little boywho had surgery to repair his cleft palatte. She is super. I know of another one, who just goes with the flow of whatever is happening. She doesn't stress, she shops with her kids all the time, etc. Anyway, my point is, there are lots of qualities of a supermom.

If I had supermom status, I feel like this is how my life would go:

  • each morning, I will be dressed before the kids wake up, because they both slept all night and they get up around the same time everyday (and I will be dressed in something other than sweats)
  • the dishwasher will have run overnight and I will empty it first thing so that I can do the breakfast dishes and move on for the day. 
  • the kids clothes will have been laid out the night before, so it's a no brainer in the morning

    Instead of nothing at all....
  • while we are on the subject of clothes, the laundry will be caught up (what a crazy idea)
  • my weekly menu will be posted and the meat for that evening will be thawing.
  • my house would not look like a bomb went off all day, every day.
  • my daughter would be potty trained (this one is my fault- she is so capable, I am just lazy)
  • I would have a system for my bills...I seriously can't figure this out.
  • I would have a schedule-why is this one so hard?
  • I would be able to handle day to day stresses, life happens.

    Delaney telling me how tall she is.... attitude here.
  • for meals, I would not be so lazy and I would actually make healthy lunches and snacks
  • Bills would be paid in a timely manner
  • I would be able to find a job at home- that is not medical transcription!
  • life wouldn't be such chaos.

Monkey agrees.... (and no clothes again!)

That's just a few....maybe if they are written down, I can work on them. I did start the FlyLady program. I shined my sink-once. That was the extent of my baby-steps. Maybe that could be the answer. Whatever it is, I need a spider bite, or a super veggie or my sanity. I never thought that I would have dirty laundry all over my bathroom, or papers exploding from every area  imaginable.
I secrectly (I guess not SO secrectly) like when I watch things like Tori and Dean and they have trouble managing their household and they are rich! With help! It makes me feel more *normal*. I hate when all I hear are super terrific stories of kids, because it makes me think 2 things: #1 Probably lying #2 What the hell am I doing wrong? I like to have stuff in common with other parents, for no other reason than for self assurance. Does that make sense? Don't get me wrong, I like to post about how perfect Delaney was for that second or I sugar coat it sometimes because I don't want to look THAT stupid. I don't mean it to be mean........
SO, this is not meant to be a downer, it is meant to be one of the many posts like I have done in the past, that puts my new normal down in writing so that maybe something inside will CLICK! It's just has to!!!


  1. I bet EVERY mom feels the same way, I know I do! Don't even ask me how I'm going to get anything done with a new baby in a few weeks. Btw, I think I would die if anyone saw what my house looked like right now!! Just be the best mom you can be, you love your kids a ton and that's what matters most =)

  2. YOU CAN DO IT SUPERMOM!!! love you :)

  3. Oh my word, have you been visiting my thoughts because that is all the same stuff I think about all the time. All those things you mentioned about what a supermom is....I would love it if I could do all those things! Those are daily goals that never seem to be reached. I suppose I should just pick on one at a time to master, huh? I struggle with these things all the time. YOu are not alone. I just started blogging two weeks ago and find myself putting things off because I want to check my blog and read other blogs. It's like a support group. And I love that there are others out there who voice the same struggles that I am going through. And I, too, am encouraged by watching Tori and Dean;) THey have the same problems as me!
    wanna know something funny? I am actually in school learning to be a medical transcriptionist! LOL!
    Thanks for the post! I can definitely relate!

  4. Do you actually know of a mother who has it all together like in your list? I am in awe! LOL! (Hang in there-I realized that being "good enough" mommy is ok too.)

  5. Nicole, I am no supermom...I am survival mom, but I thank you for the compliment. And let me tell you how UN-SUPER I felt watching Colton go through what he went through and having to stand by and watch... definitely not supermom there! Don't forget how many times I've called you for help or advice! See? I agree with Susan...I don't of any mom who has it ALL together! You are a fantastic mom!

  6. Honey -- you have it all wrong. A supermom isn't one who 'gets it all done' and has a house that sparkles. A supermom is one who has a heart for her kids like you do. I know how much you love them - I know how hard you try for them - I know how much they love you back. You ARE a supermom in the best possible way. Happy Mother's Day! xoxo Mom

  7. Maybe we need to leave the supermom comments to our kids who could care less that they house is a disaster, since they are generally the ones who have made it that way. But at least our homes are lived in and you feel the love flow from them through our families laughter. Don't be so hard on yourself. You are a SUPERMOM!


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