Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You Know You're a Mom....Whens-DAZE..... Grocery Shopping.

Arizona Momma rocks! Love her blog....and love this meme. SO head on over and show her some love!

Okay, today mine is about that daunting task of grocery shopping. Now, I *used* to enjoy grocery shopping....even when I just had Delaney and was pregnant. I would make my list, cut my coupons, and head out to Fry's and Safeway. Now, 2 toddlers, sometimes 3, not so much. Turns out they don't love it. I haven't been doing coupons as much (which I really need to get back to) and I only go to Safeway now (it's the closest). But, I do get to shop at the Commissary when my mom is up for the trip out there. The problem with the commissary is we usually can only go when Eric is at work, which

So, I load up on snacks, their cups, suckers, etc. and we head out. Here's where the meme comes in....

You know you're a mom when, you race to get the ONLY shopping cart that has the super cool rocket. Oh and I do mean race. Sometimes, it comes down to getting dropped off at the curb so that the mom that is parking, can't get to it first. We always scope it out first. If the coast looks clear, we park and then head straight to the rocket. The rocket is WAY better than the car cart. Just the fact that it is up high, right next to my hands and NOT where they can suddenly escape in the produce department and you don't notice (which has never happened to me - ha), is HUGE!!!!!!

Happy kids....the beginning of the endeavor.
(Taken in front of the cart)

And the end...yes Delaney is eating a box and Brody is pulling down a flat of cans.

So, moral of the story- don't mess with a mom and her shopping cart (and if you see me at the commissary, don't even try and beat me to the rocket)


  1. In case you didn't know Safeway delivers:) I don't know much about it but they do.

  2. yes, I share the same experiences as you. You need a nap as soon as you get home, it's so grueling. Though we don't have those carts at our commisary. We have a very small one though.

  3. That totally made me laugh! I have seriously gone back home if there is no "cool cart." With two kids, it's a total must!

  4. So, I'm pretty sure Safeway doesn't even have a rocket cart. I have only just begun using the car cart whenever I have to do the shopping (Andy usually does it), and it works okay for mine...right now. I think it's still new to them, and they haven't realized they could easily escape.

    Love how you are posting more and more pictures. I am still up for helping you with the camera. Of course, it will be good practice for me too. Sorta like in school when helping someone else study ended up helping you solidify it in your own head all the more.

    Anyway, sorry for the book! I think it's high time we get together!!!! Seriously. Maybe we should think about picking a night soon. No kids if possible.

  5. I had to follow a lady to her car, because I could not get Kara to ride in a regular cart.

  6. Hey Nicole! I have two awards for you! I love reading your blog and feel you deserve them! Stop by my blog, read my post and find your name to find out which awards you've won :) Congratulations!


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