Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lessons learned

I learned a few things on our fun filled, old fashioned family vacation.... maybe these will help, maybe you will just laugh at me, who knows.

1. Make sure to have specific directions to your destination and insist on them to the driver.

2. Don't continue to tell your husband how hungry you are when he is trying to find a place to eat and has been for an hour.

3. Find places that are near the hotel to eat BEFORE you venture out in the California traffic

4. DO NOT buy one of those big ass balloons at Disneyland until right before you leave. You can't tie it to the stroller without the stupid thing blocking your entire view and you can't tie it to the back because it hits everyone in the face that's walking by.

There's that damn balloon that *someone* bought

5. Reapply sunscreen often and don't forget parts of the hair....

6. If people don't get out of the way of the stroller, then they deserve to get ran into.

7. If you child has shoes that slip on and off easily, take them off before entering an exhibit. Especially a dark exhibit.

Bye-bye shoes

8. Bring an extra pair of shoes.

9. Wear nicer clothes when checking in to a fancy hotel.

10. Always check the room like 5 times before you leave (we left a pillow, 2 blankets, a dress, and a shirt in the room. awesome)

11. DVD players in the car are a LIFE SAVER!

12. Having pizza delivered to the room two nights in a row is perfectly acceptable...especially if it's the cheapest way to eat:)

13. The majority of people at Disneyland are ignorant.

14. The majority of people on the beach did NOT have perfect bodies (I liked that)

15. "Firsts" happen only once and if you blink, it will be over. Make sense? I learned to watch everything that the kids did because I didn't want to miss anything.

His first time in a hotel

Her first time seeing Minnie

16. Family trips NEVER turn out like you planned, but that's what makes them memorable. I love that.


  1. Sounds like despite everything, you had fun! Glad to have you back...

  2. Lovely post! So true too :) We have yet to take a family vacation, but when the day comes, I will take these pieces of advice :)

  3. So true!! Love the stroller one, I hate when people think you can just turn those things on a dime

  4. Great post. :-)


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