Monday, July 19, 2010

Picture Day!

I realized that it had been forever since I got the kids pictures taken. I am not that mom that goes and gets them at every month or year.... wish I totally intended on being. I am so annoyed that I didn't do that. So, I chose random Thursdays when they are between birthdays and because I realized that Brody man was lacking in the professional picture department. So, that was that. We went to the Picture People, because I had a coupon (you all know how I love me some coupons) and bribed my mom with  a picture if she came along.

We get there and right away, Delaney's inner drama queen came out..."It's too scary" "I don't want to smile" "Just Brody do it". I told the photographer that props are what is going to make this session happen. So she goes in the back and brings out a little flag. At this point I am exchanging 'are you kidding me' looks with my mom when I say, "Hey don't you have an airplane?" She slowly goes to get the airplane. By this time, Delaney has decided on her props. She told the photographer that she would like the chair, the ball, the umbrella and the block. So that's what we did. The last shot of the day, was the photographer chasing both the kids to the other 'set' and Delaney saying, "We sit here now...."

Luckily, they turned out. I love them! Here they are (they are pictures of pictures b/c my scanner isn't working)

My 15 month old!

My 2 1/2 year old!

Munchie and Monkey (he seriously does not sit still)

Exhausting.....but cute!


  1. Adorable! I love that she dictated which props she wanted. Too cute.


  2. Awesome pics! Glad you were able to get the photographer to cooperate. When you are paying for them to be done I figure why not.


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