Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Confess.

I have said many times that my life is totally different than what I expected. I have learned to eat my words. A LOT. When I was young, my mom was a stay at home mom. She made it look easy. The house was clean. Dinner was always on the table, with place mats, napkins, water, etc. Dinner dishes were finished and we would sit down and watch TV together. She would do our laundry- and I would complain. Seriously, I would complain!! I would get annoyed if it was wrinkled or if she just threw it on my bed! What the hell was wrong with me (she started making me do my own)? 

Anyway.... I always thought to myself that wen I was a mom: #1 I would work #2 I would be on top of the house and all the wifey/motherly stuff.

Well, I quit my job and I SUCK as a stay at home mom. I am ashamed to admit this, but I used to think that being a stay at home mom was the easiest job ever. I really didn't think that it was hard to keep the house clean, the laundry caught up, dinner on the table etc. I believe that God ha His hand in my decision to stay home and my inability to keep up with.... life. He wanted to show me the truth. He wants me to know how lucky I was to have a mom who stayed home and did what she did. He wants me to step up.... I think.

So, I am confessing this awful, awful truth. Yes, I completely took my mother for granted, Yes, I totally thought that being a stay at home mom was easy. Yes, I "knew" that I would be able to be a perfect stay at home mom.

Okay....there it is. My confession. I feel better (Ok Lord, I have learned my lesson, I am ready to dive into the laundry again).

*Disclaimer: I am grateful that I get to stay home with my kids. I just want to be better at it.

PS Thanks for your help all weekend mom!

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  1. I appreciate all the sweet comments, but I have to say that you have a rosy memory of the way things were :) And you can't possibly remember how it was when you were Delaney's age! Things were not always picked up; laundry was always piled up - and sometimes I was feeling pretty chipper just to get dinner on the table - never mind the placemats! You are doing a great job at what can sometimes feel like a thankless, lonely and never ending task! Just remember that someday - Delaney may write a lovely blog about what a great mom you were when she was growing up - and it will make the hard days a little easier.
    Love you! Mom

    PS - buy Eric an extra 'bag' of socks and pull them out of there when he can't find any clean ones. It worked for me years ago :)


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