Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wiener Wednesday!

I pride myself on being cheap frugal. I love finding deals and hate spending money... just ask Eric:) Having a family of six, it is not always easy to do things fun and not break the bank. Couple weeks ago, I was on FB (shocker) and came across a deal for FREE tickets (up to 4) to go watch the new Tucson Padres AAA baseball team play! It was great! You see it was "Wiener Wednesday" so we all had wieners (hee hee hee)- 15 to be exact- and sodas and it was $26! Not bad for a family of six for dinner and a ball game! PLUS, the kids LOVED it! I was having flashbacks to when I almost got smacked with a ball in Phoenix so naturally I was plotting ever angle the balls could from and the plan to save the lives of my children, but I did have fun too.

There's the fam. Notice the steep hill and the UNPROTECTED airspace?

Brody man checking it out

Kaylie taking some very interesting pictures of the players (wink, wink)


Such a good big sister

Nothing but the best for MY family! That there is 15 wieners.

Dinner time!

I think I will edit this one and make it fun! I love it!

This is what Brody did the whole time! He would throw a foil ball (like I said, nothing but the best!) down the hill, run to go get it, run back up, stall out about half way and throw again. He had a ball!

I love when things are fun, family oriented and cheap!


  1. Awesome idea!!!! That is WAY cheap, and with 5 we are right behind you ;)

  2. I'm pretty sure as you move through life, you'll find your best memories with your family are those 'cheap' evenings...money doesn't make the good time - your precious people do!

  3. Who is the FAT guy in the red shirt?? And why wasn't I invited?


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