Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random Day #2

I had fully intended to post another assortment of random pictures the day after my last post (which would have been LAST Tuesday) but I didn't-- obviously. Anyway, here are some more happenings at the Mikk casa.

It's now so hot that the only thing you can really do is swim. Well since we moved, we don't have a pool anymore. Oh but never fear! We took care of it in the most sophisticated way:

That's right. Plastic pool to the rescue!

Of course we take plenty of time outs for some nice, cold popsicles....

In case swimming and popsicles are not fun enough, here is another great activity to
really make Mom jump and holler:

Paint yourself with yogurt!! (yeah... I was so not happy)

Delaney has been going to our church pre-school program (she has been twice now). It is so strange! It's the first time that I have just dropped her off somewhere, other than a relatives house. She was a little nervous the first day, but got over it very quickly! What's really weird is just having Brody! We never get to spend time together, just the two of us so it was fun! In July, Delaney is going to go to Vacation Bible School for a full week. Brody is going to be so sad, he misses her so much.

At the beginning of the month, my brother in law, Kevin's new fiance, Kristin and her family came into town for a visit! Kevin works at the JW Marriott here in town and we went up there to go swimming. The kids loved it! Especially the lazy river and the water slide!

Wrong setting on the camera, but you get the idea. She was way ready to go!

The boys being crazy

Brody loved the little splash pad they have!

So did Kevin!! :)

"Hmm.... some hot chica left me her room key"

Pretty sure they could get used to living like this:)

And with that comes the end of random day #2. I have so many more pictures....


  1. Plastic pools are the best! I think way better than a big pool... you can sit back in the shade and watch them swim instead of being stressed out inside the pool with them.
    Oh, and the JW looks like so much fun!

  2. It's true. Swimming IS about the only thing left to do, but even that is hard! I mean, if your me that is. I am SO neurotic about sunscreen, hats, uv protective shirts. Ugh. You'd think I was a tad OCD. But have you seen my kids. They are like freaking lillies!

  3. You have a beautiful family! Your pictures really captured your children's personalties!


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