Friday, October 7, 2011

Memories....Part 2

***OMG long..... don't say I didn't warn ya~

Where did I leave off? Oh yeah, the night before... well I slept in my sister's room since I was not allowed to sleep with Eric. In the morning, a bunch of us went to our favorite place for breakfast and had a relaxing morning. After eating WAY too much, we made our way back to the hotel, changed into our suits, and went down to pool to hang out until it was time for the ceremony. It was so fun! I think at one point there were about 45 people just sitting around, talking, drinking and having a great time. Laura even painted my toe nails while we were sitting there.Plus, we were able to watch them set up for the wedding! But, alas, the fun needed to come to an end. There was a wedding that needed to happen! The girls and I went up to the room and got ready. I remember some of the hotel employees brought me the bouquets and we were able to breathe a sigh of relief. We ordered all of these 'things' without really seeing them since we were in a different country. The flowers were beautiful. Everything was beautiful.

Our wedding

Our wedding beer steins. Mine says Chunky-monkey and his says PMFB (Paul Mother f******* Bunyon). The shot glass in the middle was our wedding favor. It says: I drove all the way to Rocky Point and all I got was this lousy shot glass. Nothing but class here folks...

The cake (which we could so make now)

This is where the reception took place

This is our wedding crew before the ceremony, hitting up the hotel bar:)

Mary, Eric and Lynn

My dad and bro listening to the info

I remember being irritated at this point- odd i know.

When the ceremony was about to begin, I remember just standing there with my dad, looking at all these people that came to Mexico to be with us on our special day and was overwhelmed. And then, my dad tried to take my arm, THE CORRECT WAY, and I was not having it- I couldn't hold my flowers the way I wanted if I did it the right way- so yes, as we are walking down the aisle, I was arguing with my dad. Being the great father that he is, he just went along with what I wanted. All the girls were barefoot, the guys had on sunglasses, shirts were untucked. I walked down the aisle to "I'll Be" and met Eric at the end with a huge smile.

Mimi and Nanny with Josh

Melinda with Josh- he just kept running back and forth. What a good brother!

Mom and Josh

Daylen and Kaylie. Poor Daylen- he was so tired and sun burned from being on the beach all day!

Ronny and Court

Kevin and Danielle

My handsome daddy and me

The ceremony was beautiful, but far from perfect. Which is what made it incredible. During the ceremony, people were setting off bottle rockets and it sounded as if bombs were going off around us. An ultra lite glider flew right over us making a lovely noise and a waiter decided that our guests needed beverages during the ceremony and was taking drink orders. Yes, my friends were shooing him away quickly, but not before ordering a margarita or a beer- and I think that is awesome! I am just sorry we missed out on that! We were pronounced husband and wife right as the sun was setting. It was magical.

My family with my new husband

The men

Laura, me and Courtney- been friends since high school and still are super close

Ami, Sarah, Me, Anabelle, Mary- my teacher friends. (btw girls, I think we need a picture like this now with all of our kids:)

The reception was just as wonderful. My dad decided to dedicate a song to Eric and what better song lyrics to mark the occasion than those of Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher". We immediately broke into some danced that people assumed was choreographed, but wasn't, it was just us. That's how we roll. The night was filled with dancing! My dad had been threatening me since the day we were engaged that he would dance to Shakira's "My Hips Don't Lie" at our reception and I have to admit, I did not think he would do it. Well pin a rose on my nose, because Daddy busted a move like he was in a club! Shocking! But that's why I love him so!

Our first dance- Kenney Chesney's "Anything but Mine"

The Father/Daughter dance- "I Loved Her First"
I can't listen to that song without crying.

Hot for Teacher.... there we go....

Still going

Oh yeah

Gotta love him

We rocked it!

Classy couple

Daddy breaking it down

His hips don't lie

Melinda and Daddy....

We ate cake, we had a lot to drink, and we partied- which is what we wanted. We didn't do conventional things such as the dollar dance, the bouquet toss or even have traditional champagne glasses, instead we had beer steins that are engraved with nicknames.... two beers didn't even fill those bad boys half way up! We didn't have table numbers, a garter toss, hell we didn't have a DJ that spoke English, but it was so Eric and Nicole. It was awesome!!!
I will forever be thankful to those who were there to celebrate with us. I will forever be thankful to my parents. And I will forever be thankful for Eric.

Eric- you are the chocolate to my milk, the butter to my toast. You have given me an amazing life and I will love you forever and longer. Thank you for being you and being the courageous man that are meant to be.

I am amazed how fast time goes and different things are. Here are some then and nows to look at:

Kaylie and Eric

Me and Eric


  1. The best part of the reception was without a doubt your dad dancing to Shikira...

    And yes...that was my husband getting drinks during your wedding procession...only in Mexico!

    We definitely need another picture now that I have joined the mommy club : )

    Great wedding!!

  2. I LOVED the before and after pictures of your family! Incredible how much everyone changes in just 5 years! I'm so glad we've all remained such good friends! :)

  3. WOW! 5 years! The kids look so little back then. We had a blast at your wedding, we were actually just talking about it this weekend... and I still have that shot glass! We should have an anniversary party down there, maybe for your 20th. :)

  4. awww that was so damn cute, it made me cry! that was such a fun wedding :) and i love all the pics. we should definitely do another pic with all our kiddos now!

  5. Nicole, I loved reading this and seeing all the pictures. You have always held a special place in my heart, even thought I haven't seen you in umpteen years. It makes me so happy to see you so happy and with such a lovely family. Rae S.

  6. That was awesome, I don't think I've ever heard exactly how you got together, you guys have made a beautiful family! Congrats!!

  7. YAY! Happy anniversary! What a beautiful wedding. Your dress was beautiful and you made a gorgeous bride!


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