Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To the lady.....

To the lady at Michael's who told me she wants to be a stay at home mom and do nothing all day and go shopping whenever I want:

Yes, I stay home with my kids. I understand this is a privilege and I don't take it for granted. This decision is also a sacrifice on our behalf. One income=less money. For the record, I DO NOT do nothing all day. I am the dishwasher (multiple times a day), the janitor, the pooper scooper, the chef (again multiple times a day), the laundromat, the organizer, the chauffeur, the tear drier, the encourager, the nurse, the maid, the dipaer changer, the potty trainer,  just to name a few of my jobs. I work my butt off keeping up with the kids, dogs and the finances. I run errands, make phone calls, cut coupons to save us money, and am constantly figuring out ways to spend less money. I teach my kids respect, love and responsibility. My work day, does NOT end at 5:00. I don't get a day off. I don't go shopping for pleasure with the kids (believe me) and btw, weren't YOU at Michael's at the SAME time as me? So you were shopping in the middle of the week in the middle of the morning too. Weird.

Do I get to sit down and watch TV? Yeah sometimes- don't you get a lunch break? When you have kids that are 18 months apart, or even 5 years  apart, whatever it may be, I hope you get the opportunity to stay home with your kids and you remember the comment you made to me this morning. Let's see how much 'nothing' you do.


The Stay at Home Mom

**End of rant**


  1. You forgot " teacher" because we teach them before they ever get to school.

  2. Referee, interior decorator, personal stylist to the little people, veterinarian of sorts, nutritionist, etc. etc. I'd like for that lady to ready your post today!!

  3. I couldn't agree with you more...I will admit that I thought I would have more time staying home these months to do little projects, but there is no time in the day! And my little one isn't even mobile yet!

  4. She must not have any kids at all, or a house for that matter. What a fool! And whoever thinks that shopping with 2 kids is "pleasure" is CRAZY!


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