Thursday, May 17, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It's kinda funny how we end up at my parent's house on Sunday evenings. I love it.It's just calm, drama free family time (where I ususally don't have to cook:).  My parent's have just recently started a couple of gardens and they are thriving! The kids love watering it, seeing what new plants have sprouted and have even helped plant. This particular evening, my parents had specific plants in mind for them to plant. I think it's so cool that they are learning about growing their own healthy food.
My dad and brother in law helping the kids plant their own flowers.
Getting some soil
Helping Granddaddy start the new garden. They each got their own rakes.
Very precise seed planting.
"WHen can I rake?"
She took her job very seriously
Raking time!! 
So Brody is a little ADD, so he handed over the rake.
Brody and Nana picking some veggies
Delaney eating Lincoln Peas like they are candy!

For Brody's birthday, my friend Mary bought him a little plastic horseshoe game. We brought it over to my parent's house that night and set it up. It took a bit of time and some serious patience but they figured it out and had a blast! Who knew that this game could be so fun.
Eric trying to explain the rules
There he goes!
Throwing at the same time- so they didn't catch on super fast.

I love this picture of her!
Such fun!

At dinner, we broke open the beer we bought my dad for his birthday- Infinium (very different). Danielle had only had one beer, I think, up until this point, post baby so this was exciting:)

Joe and Dad
Dan and DAd
The kiddos having dinner

After dinner, Joe grabbed some binoculars, or anocalurs if you are Brody, and sat down to look for aliens. The kids saw him and raced to see which could get there first. Brody is obsessed with the moon. He loves looking for it, he loves to just sit and watch it. I am hoping maybe he will be an astronomer (better than a proctologist, which is what I previously thought due to his obseesion with butts and poop). Obviously, Delaney got there first and took over the anocalurs right away. Still, watching them talk about the moon and starts and sun and the sky was very fun.

Joe and Delaney

Brody man

I love Sundays. 

*BTW we are not waiting til the Tanque Verde house to have a garden. However, because we are renting, it makes it kinda hard. Plus the fact that our backyard is teeny tiny doesn't help either. 

What's the solution?


The Tower Garden
Perfect for renters, people with small yards, people with just a balcony or porch.... 
It's not so beautiful now, but just wait. All sorts of fruits, veggies, and herbs will be growing in this bad boy.
(Btw it goes outside...we built it in the house cuz it's so hot!)
Oh and it's as tall as Eric- 6ft! Love it

Want more info?  Check out:

Have a happy day:)

PS- Spell check=not working, so there are mistakes I am sure.


  1. Love Sunday nights too! Dinner at the parent's is awesome!

  2. No fair! You'll have to tell the older kids they're never too old to enjoy gardening! I find weeding sooo theraputic.


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