Thursday, May 31, 2012


THE LAST DAY! Today is the last day folks...the last day to get your FREE membership with purchase from my SHaklee website. Today's the day you make the commitment to change your way of living. I can almost HEAR the rolling of the eyes and the holy-over-dramatic-batman that is being whispered under you breath (or maybe extremely loudly for that matter), but people it is TRUE! Saving money, living a healthier life and maybe even starting a business for your family-those are super duper life changing if ya ask me. So, without further ado, here are some FAQ's for ya....

                       What is a Shaklee Membership?

Basically, a Shaklee Membership is like a discount membership. You will receive 15% off or more on all products! :) It usually costs a one time fee of $19.95 but is waived until May 31st with any purchase. After you join, you will get a myshaklee website for ordering, discounts, specials, a library of health information and amazing referral benefits! Our Member Team also has a way you can earn free product within your first 30 days of joining and you will be able to join our online member's only community for health support and to ask questions about product facts and experience!!

Do I need a monthly order to maintain it?

Nope, it's a lifetime membership with no minimums!

What product lines do you offer?

Our four major health lines are:

Try Shaklee and if you don't like it, you can call and get your money back! :)

How do I order?

Simply go to my online shop here and place your items in the cart, join for free and check out!

How fast will I get my order?

Shaklee ships fast! I usually get mine in less than a week!

Seriously people. You will not regret it. And btw...if you are sitting there thinking, "there is no way I have time to do all that stuff on my blog or research it, blah, blah blah". Let me tell ya, when you make the decision to become a Shaklee distributor, you are not left alone to try it out- there are trainings and loads of help. For crying out loud- this entire post was taken right off my sponsor's blog. Total support. LOVE IT. 


LAST DAY......


AND thanks so much!!

Check back later today or tomorrow to see how we are
SO ready for June. 

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  1. It was totally easy to join -- and right away I got the confirmation email and the website info along with my membership ID number. For once I didn't procrastinate :) Go me!


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