Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day 2012

We had a very nice Father's Day this year.We started the day off with church. We love our church. We love walking in and watching the kiddos run to the welcome center and say hello to everyone. We love watching Delaney give Brody a hug and a kiss before going off to their separate classes (even though they are right next to each other). We always love the message and yesterday was not any different. After the service, we get the kids (they are so excited to see us) and we pick out our table for breakfast and get comfy. We had some yummy breakfast burritos and enjoyed some nice conversation. Daylen was with us because of Father's Day, so we enjoyed having him with us at church too!

After our bellies were full, we went home, played a little bit and then I attempted to finish a cake that I had started Saturday. The kids went down for their nap and I jumped into cake mode. I really wanted to make a red velvet, strawberry ice cream cake - which is a little difficult. I managed to do it though and here is how it turned out:

I was so happy that it turned out- I didn't even care if it tasted good at this point:)

At about 3:00, Kaylie came over, the littles were up, so we decided to give Eric his gifts. I just happened to be on Somewhat Simple one day and she was giving out a code for a Father's Day book and I jumped on it! The book came in record time and I asked the littles some questions and wrote exactly what they said and I had Kaylie and Daylen answer some questions too. Eric loved it.
Here are a couple pages from it:
The cover

I was feeling crafty- much to the dismay of my step-children. You should have seen Kaylie and Daylen's faces when I told them that I was going to paint their hands. Priceless. My original idea was to go from oldest to youngest, but it turns out, Daylen's hand is WAY bigger than Kaylie's, so we ended up with this:

In addition, Eric is a big fan of candy. I pinned this on Pinterest and had to make it.....( I will find the link)

One last present- Eric had been talking about getting another tattoo (yes, I am serious). He wants Galatians 6:17 on his arm, not too much, so I talked to his tattoo guy and he is up for it! So I typed out the verse and out it in a frame...not too crafty, but I got the point across.

We went to my parent's for swimming and dinner. I think it was 106 degrees yesterday so swimming was a necessity. Brody has recently become a crazy brave little boy and it's quite stressful but I love watching them swim!

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  1. That book is AWESOME! I may have to get one for Brian's birthday!

    I love the action shots of the kids jumping in the pool. They are so brave!


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