Monday, June 25, 2012

Mission Organization: DVD's

I've said before, we are living in a small house. During the short time that we have been living here, we have learned many lessons. 1. We can live with less. 2. Clutter is multiplied in a small house 3. Organization is key to survival. We have learned that we had (and still have) too much stuff. It's crazy! One thing that we had a ton of before moving, was DVDs. We had a cool shelf that held all our movies-but at this house-it so didn't fit. What to do...what to do.... Get rid of em? No way- see we don't have cable, Directv, Dish, whatever- we don't have any of it. I did not want to see my movies leave, I mean, a girl's gotta have Christmas Vacation, Serendipity, and Sweet Home Alabama at her fingertips, right? For Christmas this past year, Eric listened to my not-so-subtle hints about the super awesome DVD organizers that I had seen at Target, then took him to see, and then casually wrote all over paper that I wanted super duper awesome DVD organizers. It's like he's a mind reader. 

When we decided to move into this house, we decided what would stay and what would go... (should I stay or should I go- you're totally singing it now, huh?). We decided to weed through our movies (I say we, but I really mean me). We actually had duplicates of quite a few movies, which is just crazy. I had two movie boxes and separated the movies into kids and adults (not 'adult' movies, get your head out of the gutter). I was going to alphabetize them, but decided against it-gasp! I just decided to put them in sleeves because I didn't want to leave empty ones and it would annoy me like crazy to get a new DVD and then not have it alphabetized. Yes, I may over think things.... so here's what we came up with:

This is it- all the adult movies are in here!

There are sleeves on both sides, with numbers on the top.
What are those numbers for? Well I am glad you asked!

I wrote down each movie next to the correlating number- are you following, this is rocket science people.

Again, my printable is from I Heart Organizing.

I laminated the lists and put them in our binder. Now, when we want to see a movie, we just check the list, pull out the number, and enjoy. We have a list for the kids movies (although we keep a lot of movies in the car) and a list for the grown-ups. 

Our family binder....that's for another post.

Now, I do want to say that I do have some movies still in their cases. I have some Disney movies, the movies my mom wrote and some series (like Nick and Jessica- yep-that's right, love it) that I kept in their entirety. They are in a cabinet in our room.

It's easy to follow and maintain, two things I love!
btw...I will have my menu plan up tomorrow, not sure why I forgot about that!

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  1. Okay, as I was reading I was thinking you were 'normal' because you decided not to alphabetize. The whole, having to redo it makes me cringe. Then, you posted the List! Holy guacamole! Genius, yes, but nutso. You are an organizing fool!


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