Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stayin' Cool

It's H.O.T. What do we do when it gets H.O.T.? We get W.E.T. My friends are out for summer break (they are teachers) and we decided to schedule some play dates. The first get together was at the Splash Pad. It is insane that we only have one in Tucson. Seriously. Because we only have one, odds are it's going to be busy. This particular day is was not too crowded so that made us happy. There were 4 adults, 8 kids, 2 playgrounds and a splash pad. It was so cool how we all instinctively jumped into "team parenting". We were watching each other's kids and helping each other out. I love my friends.
Here are some pictures from the day:

The water gun is Brody's favorite

Ami and her triplets, Jaxon and Delaney in the background

Brody and Hunter

In addition to the Splash Pad, we have been swimming a lot! This is from this morning:
What's the word?

Brody is a little lazy when he swims so he uses more flotation devices.

Seriously.... good times

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  1. Loving the way all your pictures look...of course, the fact that the kids are totally cute doesn't hurt either!

  2. How did you do that to your pictures? They look awesome!

    The splash pad so a blast! I'd like to do it again! Team parenting is the best. Next time I'll take the playground if someone takes baby duty :)


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