Monday, August 13, 2012

Ready for the week!!

Happy, happy Monday!! I hope you all had a super weekend! We had a pretty low key one, which is always nice. I am happy to report that yesterday I got tons of things accomplished, which made starting the week, much easier. I did not start off well last week and I was annoyed the whole week. 

So what did I do? I am so glad you asked....

1. I went grocery shopping for the week (after church- so early enough to get other things accomplished). 

2. I filled up my gas tank.

3. I put all the groceries away- took all the yogurts out of the packaging, washed all the fruit and put them in containers, cleaned out the fridge &  pantry.

4. Made Eric's salads for the week.

Prepping for the salad making.
Yay! Finished lunches for the week!
PS- I will be doing a post on this later this week!!

5. Picked out Delaney's clothes for the week

6. Put away two loads of laundry

7. Made sure I had Daylen's lunch money for the week

8. Filled out my to do list

9. Put a load in the washing machine and delayed it so it started at 5:00am (this is my new thing. I love it! When I wake up, I already have half a load finished!)

It seemed like I did a whole lot more than that. By 8:00 I was wiped! I think I like this idea- prepping for the week on Sunday, that way it's way less stressful during the week! How about you? Do you prep for a week a time or a day at a time?

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  1. oh my gosh! you just blew my mind with #9! i've seen that feature on my washer but had no idea why or how to use it! now i get it!!! whoo-hoo! i am on it now :)

  2. What's prepping??? KIDDING!!!!
    I try to plan for the week, but prepping for it??? I haven't even considered that. But I'm considering it now, let me tell you! How amazing is that salad idea? Jars! Of Salad! Brilliant.


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