Friday, July 25, 2008

New pictures... About time, huh? Long Post!

There's been a lot going on lately and I have a bunch of great pictures. Daylen turned 10! Eric turned 10 plus 33! Kaylie started 7th grade (yep, Jr. High), Delaney is well on her way to walking and I got a mini-van. That's right... that's how I roll:) The best part is, Eric likes it too! Daylen starts football next week and Kaylie starts cheerleading again! I am sure that the computer will be full of Wildcat pictures from now until Halloween!

I think that we need to work on Delaney's social skills. This is my friend Anabelle's little baby boy, Jaxon. She better not be the mean kid in school:(

I would like to think that the teacher in me knows better, but she just loves Mickey Mouse!
Opie protects her so much that she can't even play alone.
She can't get enough of the pool!
My mom and I took Delaney up to Phoenix to see Josh. He was coming home from a race and hadn't seen us since Christmas. Delaney thought he was great. He was great with her, although I don't think he will be having one just yet. He kept saying..."She's sooo busy!" It was good to see him though!

We tried to get a cute picture of all three kids- way harder than I thought it would be. But here it is!

Delaney decided that she was just way too tired to finish her cookie.
Here she is on the 4th of July.
Daylen got a "hamster wheel" for his birthday. Totally impossible, but hilarious to watch.

Delaney got a new swing. She loves it!

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  1. Hey! I can't believe how big Delaney is!!! She is adorable! And when did Anabelle have her baby?? Love all the pictures!


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