Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's definitely summer!

There have been many things going on lately... no pictures from Eric's trip- apparently they forgot to take pictures. But here are some other ones!

I had to show these. Delaney is pulling herself up on things now and she LOVES to watch her bath fill up. She bangs on it the whole time!

Here she is... ready for Miss America! We took her swimming and she was kicking like she knew what to do. I only wish I lived closer to my parents because she sure gets tired and then we have a long drive!

It doesn't so much work that way for Daylen. He never gets tired.

The day after school got out was Danielle's 21st birthday! We went to Vegas! It was cold.... but fun!

Here we are in downtown Vegas.
Yes, that big thing is a margarita! 100 ounces of fun- empty:)

I finished school on May 22! It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Not only was that my last of school, but Kaylie was promoted to 7th grade that day too! Her graduation was very nice. They showed a slide show and had the kids kindergarten picture and their sixth grade picute next to each other. SO CUTE! Daylen will now be starting 5th grade. This is the first year he will be at Cottonwood without Kaylie (or me:)

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  1. Hey - I'm glad you sent me your blog! It's cute!! I can't believe how big Delaney is getting! WOW, they grow fast.


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