Monday, October 6, 2008

Football season is here...........

It's no secret that I love football. I love the intensity of it, the unpredictability, and the tight pants. Of course I am only really talking about the NFL. Pop Warner- different story. Football season is in full swing here in the Mikkelson house. Both Daylen and Kaylie are doing their thing. I must admit, I get very annoyed by the practices and games because it takes up SO much time!!! But once I get to the game, I can't help but go crazy. Of course the whole feel of the game is different from that of a pro game, but it is still nuts. As I watch Daylen run as fast as he can to try and stop some other kid I find myself screaming "Jump on him" "Hit him!". Poor Delaney will be deaf because of me. And then there's Kaylie. Bless her heart, she did not want to cheer this year, but reluctantly signed up. Well, she has really come out of her shell. She swore up and down that she wouldn't fly- but she was wrong. We haven't seen many of her games, but I watch her thinking about my cheer leading days and even watching my little sister.

There is something very small townish to it all. Here's the other reason I like it. We all have shirts that has Daylen's number on the back. It's so cute to see Delaney in her outfit each week. A daddy and his daughter..... enough said.

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