Sunday, October 5, 2008

Something different....

So I thought that I would try something a bit different. I have changed up the blog a bit- thought that I would act like I am a little technologically advanced. But I have also decided to use the blog as a journal a little bit. I have been reading this blog called the Nie Nie Dialogues that my mom sent me the link to. This blog is written by a woman in Mesa who is married with 4 kids. She and her husband were in a bad private plane crash in August and they are not doing well. She is still in a medically induced coma and has received many skin grafts due to the excessive burns. Her husband is doing better, but they are still in the hospital. There story received national attention because many people read her blog to just feel happy and when the accident happened, the "blogger community" began donating a ton of stuff to the family. Anyway, she is a very "the glass is half full" kind of person and I admit, I need to start thinking more that way. Her blogs make you smile and make you look at your life a different way. So I thought that I may begin doing this too. I am trying very hard to believe in "It will all work out". SO MANY PEOPLE tell me this and it drives me crazy! But, the more that I can't control, the more things work out on their own (it is so irritating when other people are right). So here I go... In one of her posts she listed some things that she was thankful for. I find myself thinking about this a lot; especially at 4:30 am when Delaney decides that she is up for the day. I also find myself wondering.... what is the difference between being thankful and being blessed? I have been thinking about this and here is what I have come up with: being thankful means saying thank you to someone or for something that is controlled by you or someone else (I promise it makes sense in my head). Feeling blessed is being thankful for something that is somewhat out of your control. I don't know.... here's my list for today:
I am thankful for:

1. A husband who will get up with Delaney on the weekends and sometimes during the weeknights so I can sleep.
2. Mickey Mouse

3. The grocery game

4. My mini van!!!!!

5. Chocolate milkshakes

6. My house
I am blessed because
1. I have a wonderful family

2. I can get pregnant so easily! This is a weird one. I feel so blessed that Eric and I are able to get pregnant SO easily, but I am also so thankful that someone I care about very much is finally pregnant. That is a feeling of thankfulness and it is such a blessing

3. I have a constant support system who can calm down on those extremely rare moments that I be
gin to lose it.
4. Eric lets me stay home with Delaney, even though it's hard on us.
Ok, so is this weird? Too much information for ya? I think that every once in while this is good to do. There are many more that I could list, but I thought I would just list a few.
While I am on the subject, here is another list:

Things that REALLY irritate me:

1. People driving UNDER the speed limit.
In case this doesn't happen to you, come drive with me- every person I am behind does this!
2. When people bang their spoons or forks all over the stupid bowl.
3. When people don't pull all the way through to the first gas pump- that's just rude.
I could go on and on.... but I will stop.

I guess that being pregnant makes me feel all kinds of crazy things. So these are my thoughts for today.

I am sure that most people know but just in case.... Yep- we're having a baby! The new addition will be born in May! So Delaney (who isn't even walking yet) will be a big sister.

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