Thursday, December 18, 2008

Big girl

Last year at Christmas (7 wks)
This year at Christmas (1 yr)

I can't believe how fast this past year has gone. People are not kidding when they say to treasure the time with your kids when they are little because it goes so fast. I think about what Delaney was NOT doing last year and the amazing things that she does every day to wow us!

I SO LOVE HER!!!! She is so fun and so exhausting. My mom said that it's payback because I was just like her at her age. While walking through the mall I told my mom how annoyed I am that I am nothing like I thought I would be as a mom. I thought that I would be the put together, cute (and skinny I might add) mom that was always organized, on time and had the well behaved child. Well, I think that we can all agree that is not what's going on here. I am not put together, I am totally frumpy, and not at ALL skinny. Plus, my organization skills have been flushed down the dirty toilets that I never seem to clean anymore. And the well behaved part... let's just say that if there is sitting still or shopping involved, Delaney is not interested. She is go, go, go. Her personality makes up for the horrible shopping trips, but man, I tell ya. My mom said that you never eat your words more than when you have kids and I am beginning to see that.

I will get it together, I know it. I am determined.

Then Brody will be born...............


  1. I love how I am getting smarter as you are getting older! All I can say about your perfect mom plan - is let it go!!!! Then when you have a perfect day - it'll be such a pleasant surprise!

    PS - Delaney may not be a great shopper - but she makes up for it in the her car seat she's an angel :)

  2. Well you could have fooled me! You always look very together and I would give my right arm to look as cute as you do with a 1 year old and pregnant again. (my picture is already in the dictionary under frumpy!) But I agree with your mom- have fun now and try and let the little things go. Merry Christmas!

  3. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. None of us are perfect moms, something always has to give. All that matters is that Delaney is a happy girl. Enjoy all of the little moments in life.


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