Friday, December 19, 2008

Classic Nicole

I thought that I would share a moment that I had earlier today at Target. When I first thought about it, I didn't think that I would tell anyone what I did, let alone blog about it. However, in these crazy days before Christmas I thought I would lighten the mood with a classic Nicole moment. Plus after I told Eric and he laughed his head off I thought... this might be a good story.

On my way home from the doctor today (everything is great, baby is WAY low, gonna hurt she said) I decided to make a mad dash through Target since I was baby free (Delaney free anyway:) to finish up any last minute gifts. I make it through some what quickly and head out to the parking lot. At this point, I have to pee so bad that I feel like dying, but I did not want to go back in. I find the van and press the little button and try to lift the back. NOTHING. I try again. Still nothing. I am quite annoyed at this point so I go to the front and stick the key in. It's not working either. I try things over and over and I can't get in my car. At this point, I am in tears. Yep, there I am... pregnant, crying, trying not to pee my pants and..... trying to break into someone else's car!!!! All that and it wasn't my van! 5 minutes I was out there trying to this all the while thinking Eric is going to flip- how did I break this now?

But I didn't- I finally figured it out when I saw Town and Country on the back and I have a Dodge. In my defense, it was the same color, looked just like it and had a car seat in it.

So I hope this brightens your day. I am going to go make Tater Tot casserole now and get ready for Winterhaven:)

Moral: Always look at the TYPE of car you are trying to get in to.

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  1. Wow, that's a good one! But you do have an excuse, your pregnant. You can get away with anything when your pregnant!!


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