Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chaos.... I mean Christmas 08 (it's kinda long)

Obviously Christmas was last week and I am a bit late on my new post, but I have a semi-new camera and I needed to figure some things out (ok Eric had to). Thanks to a recent blog entry that mentioned that my camera kinda sucks, Eric's dad, Bob, gave me his old digital camera! Thank you Bob!! Plus, I have not been feeling so swell. Anyway, I hope that everyone had a great Christmas. Our Christmas Eve morning starting with me TRYING very hard to make monkey bread for my dear husband and baby, but it didn't turn out so great. A little hard. I will keep trying- I am bound to make it a new tradition. That evening we went to church. Well, when I say we went to church I really mean my mom, Danielle, Josh, Mimi & Granddaddy and Bob went to church. Eric, my dad and Delaney decided that outside was better for them. So they missed it, but it was lovely:)

This is our attempt at a picture. Please excuse the enormous arm and bruise from my sweet child biting me- not so pretty.

Following a long ride to my parents house and a phone call telling mom to make sure the bathroom was open, we made it! We decided to feed Delaney while mom got the rest of the chili ready and we had our usual Christmas Eve dinner of chili with hot dogs in it. Yummy! After dinner Delaney decided to play her favorite game at Nana's- move the glass candles around the holder. Then we opened presents from Mimi & Granddaddy.

Here is Nana and Delaney- I was trying to get a good picture of Delaney's outfit- she moves too much.
Playing with the candles

Opening Mimi & Granddaddy's present
Her new princess ride on toy!

After we were done, Delaney fell asleep and we all settled in to watch White Christmas. What a great movie! If you've never seen it, borrow mine. Love it! Christmas morning was here quite quickly and up was our little girl. We opened her stocking together and then she saw what Santa left her!

This is her Sit and Spin pony

And this is her first vacuum

In the mid-morning, my family came over and we tried out the pony since Santa forgot batteries. She loved it! And Uncle Josh's Mickey book is her new obsession! By the middle of the day, we were pooped. My family left and then we got ready for round two!

On her pony- amazed!

Reading her book

The tired parents.... I need to work on my posture... and that is one low belly!

Daylen and Kaylie came over and got their Playstation 2 with Guitar Hero and bean bags. Eric's mom and step dad, Melinda and Bill came over to spend the afternoon with us along with his dad Bob! All in all it was a busy day, but nice. So busy, that we didn't take pictures. Bad, bad, bad. I remember at one point looking around and thinking... next year, there will be 4 KIDS here! A teenager, a tween, a toddler and an infant. All I can say is keep us in your prayers! But that's what the holidays are all about right? Family.

My sister got Baby Brody the cutest thing (so did my parents, but those are for a later post). I am mentioning this for Sam Mack... at her baby shower she kept saying, "Why don't they make blankets like these (baby blankets) for grown-ups?" Well, they do! Danielle got Brody a Linus blanket and it is HUGE! Big enough for a grown-up! I can't wait to use it! Thanks Dan!

This is the box it comes in... it's a blue blankie with a picture of Linus on it!

The outside of the box still.

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  1. I'm already looking forward to Christmas 09! The new addition to the Mikkelson brood will make the chaos that much more fun! I'm sure Kaylie, Daylen and Delaney will be more than happy to help baby Brody open his gifts...


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