Thursday, December 11, 2008

I don't like this

Yes- that's my laundry. It never gets done. And how come boys clothes take up SO much more room than girls? Even poor Delaney was excited to have some clean clothes to wear- she's kissing the washer.
But, I suppose this COULD be the reason that the laundry never gets folded and put away.
Sorry honey...


  1. That's what our laundry looks like, We usually dump it on our bed, intending on doing before we go to bed, then we get to tired so it goes back in the clothes hamper, yes we are slackers!!

  2. You come by your laundry skills honestly,'s my least favorite thing to do! Remember how impressed your dad used to be when his clothes actually made it from the washer to the dryer - in the same day?!

  3. So as we speak I am uploading pictures of Trynnity helping out with the laundry! I am thrilled if it gets cleaned and folded. Most of tht time the baskets are just lined up in the hallway with everyone's clean stuff.


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