Monday, February 9, 2009

Are you kidding?

I was putting away Delaney's clothes in her room when I heard some giggling. I turn around and what do I see? My child up on her changing table. Did I put her there? Oh no. She put herself there. I thought she was rocking and looking at a book like usual. Of course, like a good mother, I grab my camera to document this safe event. Needless to say, the chair is coming out soon.

Here she goes....
All smiles...

Oh my gosh... I did it...
Hello outside...
HHMMMM... how can I get out there?!


  1. Can anyone say "little monkey?"
    A cute little monkey - who never tires - never stops - future gymnast in training! Or maybe she's practicing her cheerleading moves like her mommy, her aunt and her big sister!

  2. Man her and Ethan would totally get along! Your gonna have your hands fun, but it's so much fun =)

  3. cute blog. I'm dealing with the crazy climbing business with my 16 month old too!


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