Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Trip to Denver

Last Wednesday we headed off to Denver! Our trip was postponed one week due to the late release of my mom's movie! Of course, as all of you know, something HAS to go wrong before anything major happens with me. Not to disappoint, our beloved van decided to do it's crazy thing AGAIN so we had to take it down to the stupid auto mall and get a rental. I guess it's ok because we didn't have to put the miles on our car and it was a 2008 model of our van (with electric doors:) Anyway, Eric loaded up the mini van with everything we own basically and we were ready to go Wednesday morning. Delaney and I were sporting our "comfy pants" as Eric calls them and we got in the car and set out for a long day of driving.

My parents took the lead, assuring me that we can pull over whenever due to the ever shrinking bladder of mine. But I didn't have to wait long! Turns out that Delaney learned a new trick. In the first 45 minutes of our trip, she taught herself how to shove 2 fingers down her throat and throw up! That's right.... puke everywhere!!!! All over the van, my purse, her car seat, her clothes, everywhere. So we pull over and change her into her "just in case outfit". At this point, I was scared But, the rest of the day went somewhat smoothly.
Eric changing her on the side of the freeway!

We stopped along the way and Delaney really liked the big semis. She kept pointing and screeching. We also stopped at a McDonalds in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico and they had the cutest slide for little kids. I have never seen a McDs with one... a big thank you to that McDs

Delaney and Grandaddy looking at the big trucks

Sliding down the little slide!

Eric telling me that he is small enough to play in the playland. Whatever... I wasn't getting in there!

We made it to Las Vegas, New Mexico that night and got up the next morning to very cold weather!! Who knew winter could be so cold! We head out and of course, we are not even an hour out of Las Vegas and Delaney pees through her diaper and pants. So again, we are on the side of the freezing cold road changing her into her new "just in case outfit".

Leaving Las Vegas

Finally we made it to Denver!!!! I was so happy to get there! We checked into our hotel and let Delaney do her thing. She is kinda like a Tasmanian Devil. She can trash a place quick!! She really liked the hotel. We had a really nice suite so there were two rooms and a lot of space for her to run! My mom and dad kept her busy for us a lot!

Nana and Delaney playing Mickey Mouse on her computer

That night we headed over to my Uncle Rick's for dinner. Delaney trashed their house too. They had a fire going and she was amazed by it. She actually didn't go near it, she kept pointing at it and saying oooooo. She did managed to dump the dog's water all over the floor though.

The next day we got up and Delaney wanted out. She had been cooped up for awhile and was screaming to go outside. The thing is.... it's damn cold in Denver. I was not excited about letting her frolic around in the freezing weather, but the screaming got to me. While we were outside, it just started snowing. No rain or anything first, just snow. I was done at that point.


She's out and running!

Happy camper.
Nana and Delaney checking out the spiky trees.

We promptly got in the car and headed to my Nanny's as soon as the snow started (and after Eric ran inside again to get a beanie for his head:). The plan for the day? Mom and Delaney at my Nanny's- Eric, my dad and I-the New Belgium, Fat Tire Brewery.

With Delaney settled, the three of us headed to Ft. Collins to visit the brewery. I was excited, although I knew I would be sad that I couldn't partake in any of the tastings. It was a lot of fun! the place is so clean! They take you on a tour and stop periodically to taste some different beers. This place would be so cool to work at. For your one anniversary, they give you a fat tire bike and for your fifth anniversary, they take you to Belgium!!! Anyway, they seem to have a great time. So did we! At the end of the tour, they have a slide that they workers go down all the time! They never want to take themselves too seriously! Eric and my dad went down, I decided that watching a big fat pregnant girl get stuck in the slide, would be funny, but not fun for me. At the very end of the tour, the men went shopping. They bought hats and posters and growlers. Don't know what that is? Neither did I. It's this huge jug of beer that is cool to have I guess. It must have been, because every college kid in that place was waiting to fill theirs up!

Whoa! Who's the girl that ate Nicole? Yep, I'm big, but that's a REALLY bad angle.
Eric and Dad getting ready- I think my dad was already sleepy:)

They did a test to see if you could taste the difference between bottled and canned Fat Tire- so Dad's checking it out.

The slide.... see I would have gotten stuck.

The end... Eric with his growlers. Happy, happy man and that fat girl who ate Nicole again!

Saturday came and it was MOVIE DAY!!! The whole reason for us driving up there was to see The Velveteen Rabbit on the big screen. We were a little nervous considering Delaney has never been in a theater before, but oh well, we did it. We were so excited! Everyone that lives there came to support my mom! Before we went in the movie, we were hanging out in the lobby and there was a set of twin boys that were about 18 months that were with my uncle. Delaney was hilarious! She did not know what to think or do. She kept looking back and forth! Anyway, we went in the theater and got settled. Being the wonderful parents that we are, Eric and I got her an Icee, popcorn, chocolate... anything to keep her there. She lasted through the 20 minutes of previews and then needed to walk. She would watch the animation parts and then need to go. But that's ok. Eric let me watch and he followed her everywhere. The movie was SO GREAT!!! The other people in there really liked it too. It will be coming out on DVD soon so make sure to get one!

In front of the movie poster. You can't really see it... I am going to get a better one!
This is Delaney with the twins... not getting it!
Mom, Nanny, Teri and rick waiting for it to start!

After the movie we went back to my Nanny's and had a little party. It was great!! I am so proud of my mom!!
Nanny, mom, me and Delaney at the party!
Sunday we loaded up again and headed home. Sunday was LONG!!! We had a lot of Mickey, a lot of stops and a lot of oh my goodness. Monday was the last day in the car.... Again we had to keep stopping and Delaney was too funny to not take pictures of. So here are a couple....

This was one happy baby when we got out of the car! All in all, it was a great trip! I now know I can do a long car trip with a toddler! More than one... I don't know. At least next time I better not be pregnant!

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  1. What a fun trip! You all look great but that little one of your steals the show! I can't believe Brody will be here in a few more weeks. I can't wait to meet the new addition. Please tell your mom we are so happy for her. Hope to talk to you soon!


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