Monday, March 16, 2009

Handy Eric

I know that I have mentioned before that I love that Eric can basically fix anything in the house. Well, one of his other talents is painting. He will tell you he hates it with a passion, but yet he always is the one that does it. Granted, since we have lived in this house for just a tad over 2 years, I have been pregnant for almost 18 months of it, so painting wasn't too much of an option for me. HOWEVER, the projects that he takes on ALWAYS become way more elaborate, and not because of me. OK, well sometimes I may mention, "Hey, this would look cool, but way too much time would be involved" and then BOOM it's done.

I wanted to show the kid's rooms. He spent a lot of time painting in them. We tried to make them into a place that the older kids would like coming to. That being said I wanted to tell you some news. Kaylie has decided that she would like to live with her mom full time and visit us every other weekend. We were and still are bummed, but we understand the need for a 13 year to be happy. Being at our house with a toddler and a newborn can't be the most exciting thing for a teenager. Anyway, we will miss her terribly and I know that we will look forward to the weekends that she is here. I know Delaney will! She loves Daylen and Kaylie so much!

So here are the rooms that we did (I say we because I did have a say in decorating).

Kaylie liked all of these colors, so Eric went crazy! The black stuff is chalk board paint!

The view from her bed. This is the one wall that I could handle neon green.

Daylen is a HUGE Ravens fan, so we did his room around that.
If it were me... Ray Lewis would scare the crap out of me every night, but he's fine with it.

And this is Delaney's room. I love her room. We will be changing it (not the paint) and making it her "big sister" room.

Brody's room is coming along great! Eric out did himself again. Pictures soon....

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  1. Eric can come and paint ANY wall in our house ANY TIME! I think he should start with something creative in the kitchen and move on from there. What about it Eric??? We'll buy the paint, and the beer...and the brushes...and anything else you need to create some masterpiece in our house...


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